Special events: Inspiration, information & competition!

Athens Coffee Festival

Special events: Inspiration, information & competition!

Seminars, coffee championships, competitions with rich gifts, music… The special events organized by the Athens coffee festival will give a unique and complete experience to its visitors.

Coffee Masterclasses

Award-winning baristas, important coffee market executives, owners and representatives of leading coffee brands will discuss the present and future of coffee industry in the Coffee Masterclasses. During the program of Coffee Masterclasses all the new trends dominating the contemporary international coffee scene and ideas that contribute to its further development, will be presented. The program of Coffee Masterclasses has been scheduled to cover a significant number of hours with live presentations and demonstrations addressed to both professionals and coffee lovers. Masterclasses seminars will take place at Innovathens conference hall at Technopolis, City of Athens. >>

Athens Coffee Festival

Hellenic Roasting Championship by SCA Greece

Talented and ambitious baristas will compete, with the goal of representing Greece in the world championship of SCA. The He Hellenic Roasting Championship by SCA Greece will be held during the festival. The competitions will be held in the specially designed D10 hall of Technopolis. >>

5th Hellenic AeroPress Contest

Another important coffee-based event will be hosted by the 6th Athens Coffee Festival, enriching even more the impressive program of special events that professional and consumers, who will visit the festival, can engaged. More specifically, the 5th Hellenic AeroPress Championship, organized by the well-known coffee company Kudu Coffee Roasters, will take place on Monday 26th September in Technopolis. Talented baristas will battle, with the winner representing Greece at the AeroPress World Championship. >>

Main Stage

The main stage of the Athens Coffee Festival will host radio producers and live dj sets that will give rhythm and create a joyful atmosphere. Also, the visitors of the festival will have the opportunity to take part in competitions that will take place during all three days of the festival, in order to win rich gifts – provided by the exhibitors of the festival.

Finally, festival visitors will have the opportunity to dance and sing – while drinking their coffee – as the festival stage will host two major concerts. On Saturday 24 September from 19:30 until 21:00 the popular group 48 Hours will excite the audience and on Sunday 25 September again from 19:30 until 21:00 the band The Wedding Singers will take over the stage.

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