Creating authentic coffee stories at ACF 2024!

Are you wondering where thousands of coffee professionals and up-and-coming home baristas will be on September 28-30? Οf course at the Athens Coffee Festival!

Once again, the festival will give the chance to authentic coffee lovers and industry professionals to get to know new varieties, taste high quality coffee from every corner of the world, get in touch with roasting experts, discover new products and equipment, as well as experience unique tasting experiences with amazing blends. The biggest coffee festival in Greece will once again welcome as exhibitors coffee brands with excellent brews, superior quality espresso, coffees that stand out for their amazing taste and aroma characteristics.

Of course, the visitors of the festival, in addition to new varieties of coffee, and specialty blends, will also discover new products that give their own touch to the drink as well as serving suggestions that stand out, such as: Ready to drink coffees, coffee cocktails, plant based milks, reusable serving items etc

Hellenic Coffee Championships

The heart of coffee competitions will beat once again at the Athens Coffee Festival, which will host the 2025 Panhellenic Championships of SCA Greece. Acclaimed baristas and emerging talents will compete for a place at the top and all together we will live special coffee moments.

Music, Happenings & Coffee Talks

  • Coffee Masterclasses: Innovation, inspiration, information will dominate at the discussions between coffee experts. Specialty blends, sustainability, tips & trends from the top industry’s experts!
  • Concerts & Live Dj sets: Famous artists and radio producers during their live dj sets and concerts will turn the festival into the biggest party in town!

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