Join us for coffee, innovation & insights

Join us for coffee, innovation & insights

Coffee cocktails, ready to drink coffee, coconut sugar, oat milk… all the trends for our favorite drink will once again be presented both through the exhibitors and the parallel events of the festival. 

The coffee industry is one of the constantly evolving ones around the world and the changes are continuous. As the years go by, consumers become more demanding. They know about the new techniques that prevail and are constantly looking for what is new either in terms of the coffee itself or the ways of serving it. At the same time, baristas, as well as coffee business owners, are trying to stay up to date with the developments, search, learn, train themselves on the varieties of coffee and evolve.

Athens Coffee Festival is not only a great celebration of coffee but also an information and education platform that highlights trends. Therefore, whether you are an experienced barista, whether you are just starting your journey into the magical world of coffee, or you are a café owner or a coffee aficionado who wants to be introduced to coffee culture, at ACF 2023 you will find new varieties of coffee, diversified blends and new products that give their own touch to the universally loved drink.

What trends and special products will you discover at the festival?

  • Ready To Drink: The coffees we find in the refrigerators – in cans or bottles – have acquired their own fanatical audience. Now, more and more small coffee companies are investing in RTD coffees, from cold brews to iced lattes.
  • Plant milks: Soya, coconut, oat, almond, pistachio, hazelnut and other nut drinks have gained a lot of ground in the preparation of a cappuccino, freddo cappuccino or latte.
  •  Reusable serving items: Straws, glasses, spoons made of bamboo as well as recyclable paper have their place of honor at the festival at the booths of some exhibitors who present them, while companies with reusable thermos and glasses for domestic use also participate.
  •  Organic coffee: The choice of organic coffee grown without the addition of chemicals is rapidly increasing among consumers, which is also a much healthier option. At the festival there will be several companies that will present organic cappuccino, espresso, and filter coffee.
  •  Sugar substitutes: Organic brown sugar, stevia, coconut sugar, agave syrup, maple syrup and other substitutes.
  •  Coffee cocktails: Cocktails that combine coffee and alcohol are definitely one of the strongest trends and award-winning baristas will create unique proposals at the exhibitors’ booths.

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