Coffee Masterclasses

Award-winning baristas, important coffee market executives, owners and representatives of leading coffee brands will discuss the present and future of coffee industry in the Coffee Masterclasses.

During the program of Coffee Masterclasses all the new trends dominating the contemporary international coffee scene and ideas that contribute to its further development, will be presented. The program of Coffee Masterclasses has been scheduled so as to cover a significant number of hours with live presentations and demonstrations addressed to both professionals and coffee lovers. Masterclasses seminars will take place at Αmphitheater of Technopolis, City of Athens.

Workshops addressed to coffee professional

All the new trends and innovations that dominate the domestic and international coffee scene will be presented during the specialized presentations for baristas and coffee entrepreneurs. Top market executives, AST trainers and distinguished professionals will talk about current developments, modern ideas and their implementation in the everyday life, which mainly concern the professionals but also the home baristas. All the burning issues around roasting, brewing, and the challenges that the modern barista faces will be brought to the table, through presentations and discussion panels.

Interesting seminars for the coffee aficionados

For another year, the Athens Coffee Festival will host several seminars and specialized presentations around coffee that aim to further inform the consumers and coffee lovers. Top baristas, roasters and representatives of the coffee industry will present issues related to the origin and production of coffee, the coffee roasting and different types of coffee varieties and a lot more.

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