Object of the Website

This website, https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ has been created and is the property of the company under the company’s name FORUM Ekthesis Ekdosis Synedria SA (hereinafter FORUM), which has been established and operates under the Greek Law, resides in Ag. Dimitrios of Attica, 328 Vouliagmenis Avenue, Tax Identification Number 998644926 /: COMMERCIAL COMPANIES’ PIRAEUS OFFICE, it operates as exhibitions, conferences organizer and magazine publisher. The website has been developed and operates in order to provide information and services to its visitors about Athens Coffee Festival.

Νotification and Acceptance of General Terms

The use of the https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ website is governed by these terms and conditions, which users are required to read carefully and comply with. Using the https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ website implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions as they apply at any time.

Content of the Website –Provider’s Responsibility

  1. The Brand name, distinctive title, trademarks, images, graphics, insignia, distinctive features, as well as all content, information, electronic files, services and everything else on the https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ website belong exclusively to FORUM and are protected intellectual property. Trademarks, names, or other intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties listed on the https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ website are also protected under the applicable law.
  2. It is expressly forbidden to the visitor/ user to exploit, copy, reproduce, promulgate, republish, distribute or transmit or otherwise use the content and services of this website beyond the uses expressly stated on this website without the prior written permission of FORUM. By way of exception, the individual copying and printing of web pages and their content may be permitted, provided that they are not altered in any way, and only if they are intended for personal information use by the website’s visitor/ user.
  3. The content included on this website includes, among others, information. FORUM makes every effort to ensure that the information and in general the content available through this website is accurate and clear. In any case, FORUM does not bear any liability towards the visitor/ user of the https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ website for any damage that may be caused to him by not updating the information provided by it.
  4. The website may refer through “links”, hyperlinks, etc. to other websites providers of which have full responsibility for the security, legality and validity of the content of their own websites. Users should be informed of the terms of use of these websites and, if they agree with them, accept them. In any case, FORUM assumes no liability towards users for their use of third parties’ websites simply by viewing them through the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/.
  5. FORUM is not responsible for any kind of damage that may be caused to a user/ visitor of the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ and a third party due to a cause related to the operation or not and/ or use of the website and/ or failure to provide services and/ or information provided by it and/ or services and/ or information made available through it.

Obligations of Visitors/ Users

Visitors/ users of this website must comply with the applicable rules and regulations of Greek, European and International Law and make a lawful and appropriate use of the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ in accordance with these Terms of Use. The user/ visitor is obliged to abstain from any illegal, opposed to trade costumes, improper commercial usage, illicit and improper use of the content and services of this website.

In particular, but not limited to, any act that is contrary to the law or that may damage the FORUM and/ or third parties is expressly prohibited, as exemplary and not restrictively:

-the intervention on the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ in order to mislead any third party about the origin of its content with the ultimate purpose of causing damage to the image and reputation of FORUM or compromising the security of transactions or and blocking free access to this website,

-the distortion of the information contained in the services, as well as the publication of undocumented and duly substantiated information, etc., intended to mislead the public, to directly or indirectly influence its behavior and to damage the FORUM and its services,

-installing and/ or promoting in any way any kind of self-called or unauthorized advertising or spam, chain letters, pyramid systems, or any other form of content promotion, as well as installing promotional messages without the written approval of FORUM.

-the installation of code, program files that may in any way cause malfunctions on the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ or that may impede its use by third parties.

-causing, through the use of the website, damage to any third party in any way,

Any damage caused to this website and to the FORUM and/ or the network in general by illegal, bad and in violation of these Terms of Use, use of the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ and its pages and/ or services by a visitor/ user, shall be borne exclusively by the latter and FORUM reserves the right to exercise any legitimate right to defend and safeguard its interests, and the offender is liable to restore any damage to FORUM.

Providing and Availability of Content

FORUM, makes every effort to maintain and make available the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/. However, it cannot guarantee that its website and any information and/ or service contained therein will be provided without interruption and/ or errors. In addition, FORUM reserves the right to modify and/ or temporarily or permanently discontinue all or part of its website with and/ or without notice to users, as its availability may also depend on factors outside of its sphere of responsibility. In any case, FORUM does not bear any responsibility in case a user cannot be connected to the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/.

FORUM will make every effort to protect the https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ website from malicious software. However, it does not guarantee that its website and the servers through which the contents and services of the website are provided to visitors/ users, do not contain viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, each user should take care to protect his/ her own means of access to https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ website by his/ her own means (e.g. using antivirus etc.) prior to any use of the https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ website.

Personal Data Protection- Securing Privacy.

FORUM may maintain in record and process any personal data of visitors of the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/, which will come to its knowledge on the basis of any requests and/ or transactions in order to support, promote and execute the transaction relationship. In addition, third parties natural or legal persons may also be the recipients of this data for the promotion of FORUM’s products and/ or services. Every user/ visitor of the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/maintains the rights provided by the Law 2472/1997 as applicable, as well as the European Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 “on the Protection of Individuals against the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and the repeal of the Directive 95/46/EC “

FORUM does not bear any liability towards the user/ visitor of the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/ in the case of the use of the personal data that the user has stated to a third natural or legal person through a hyperlinking to the third person’s website via the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/.

You can view the Privacy Policy at this link.

Special Conditions of Purchase of Tickets.

Through the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/, users will be able to issue online tickets. Here are the terms ruling the purchase of tickets for Athens Coffee Festival.

The purchase of tickets for Athens Coffee Festival organized by FORUM implies the full knowledge and acceptance of the special terms of Ticket Purchasing from the user’s side as set out in this document.


These terms are binding and regulate the terms of ticket purchase, your obligations, as well as your rights towards the FORUM

If you have any questions, please contact us in the following ways available before purchasing the Ticket:

Tel: 210-5242100 (Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00)

Email: kk@forumsa.gr

Address: at the Address 328 Vouliagmenis Avenue, Agios Dimitrios of Attica, Postal Code 17342



The daily ticket price is set at 5 euros for each visitor while the 3 day ticket costs 12 euros.

Entrance to children under the age of 12 is free of charge.

Each ticket you buy is an entry permit to enter Athens Coffee Festival for one day. The purchase of the Ticket as well as the conditions for the provision of our services are subject furthermore to the special terms, which may be written on the Ticket. To enter the Athens Coffee Festival space, you must either have the Ticket printed or keep it stored in your mobile phone (or tablet) in such a way that the Barcode of the Ticket is clearly visible in order it to be scanned by the responsible FORUM’s staff.

FORUM bears no responsibility in the event that your Ticket is in any way stolen or used by a third party without your knowledge. In the event that for any reason it gets lost or photocopied, the first time exclusively counts when it will be scanned and canceled at the entrance of Athens Coffee Festival. This means that after the first cancellation/ scanning of the Ticket, any further right to use it is lost.

The Ticket is personal and you do not have the right to resell it.

Having the Ticket does not entitle the holder to receive any additional services free of charge unless it has been announced.

You can buy your tickets from this website. You will be asked to fill in a form online (Name – Surname – Email – Mobile) with your details, select how many tickets you want to buy and submit the form. You can read our Privacy Policy here. You are automatically transferred to a secure environment of the SA Bank company with the company’s name Eurobank-Ergasias SA. (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) so as you to complete your payment. The abovementioned Bank is responsible for completing this process. In the Bank environment you will be asked to enter your required credit or debit card details. You must have the legal right to use the credit or debit card. FORUM assumes no liability in case you have made illegal use of credit or debit cards or have used inaccurate information during the transaction process with the Bank. FORUM does not bear any liability for any financial or other damage you may suffer from the execution of your transaction with the abovementioned Bank. FORUM does not know, store or maintain the details of any credit or debit card or other personal information of yours or any other third party other than the above information you enter with your consent in the above form and that you use to buy the tickets. Once the payment has been completed, the tickets are sent to the email you have stated.


EXEMPTION FROM THE RIGHT OF RESCISSION Article 3ιβ Law 2251/1994 as codified.

You do not have the right to withdraw from the Ticket purchase because according to Article 3ιβ of the Law 2251/1994 as codified by Article 1 of the Ministerial Decision 5338/2018, services related to leisure activities are expressly excluded from the right of rescission if the contract provides for a specific date of execution (purchase of the Athens Coffee Festival Ticket that will take place on a specific date).

For exactly the same reason (exception from the right of rescission), after completing the transaction, you do not have the right to cancel, refund or change the tickets for redemption (because you changed your mind).


In case of cancellation of Athens Coffee Festival for reasons of force majeure or for other reasons, then there will be a notice by FORUM on how to refund the Ticket. A prerequisite for the above refund is the permanent failure to organize the Athens Coffee festival within 15 days of the scheduled date. If the Athens Coffee Festival takes place on another date within the 15-day period, you will be able to use your Ticket on the new date set by FORUM. In this case the tickets are valid as they are and are not redeemed. In the event of permanent cancellation of the Athens Coffee Festival, then the full amount of the Ticket will be refunded. FORUM has no obligation to compensate you, other than your ticket, for any other expense – charges – from the cancellation of Athens Coffee Festival.



  1. The purchase of the ticket entitles the holder to attend the Athens Coffee Festival if and provided that he/she accepts and respects the operating conditions of the space. Entrance of the viewer to the festival means unconditional acceptance of the terms listed here.
  2. FORUM may prohibit the entry to persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, carry dangerous or flammable objects even if they are holders of a ticket. The ticket owner accepts the possibility of checking his/her personal items under the above prohibitions.
  3. FORUM does not bear any responsibility for quarrels between visitors for damages or loss of personal items of visitors at the space of the event.
  4. Visitors must comply with the instructions of security staff and FORUM’s representatives on security issues.
  5. Parts of Athens Coffee Festival may be videotaped/ photographed. Visitors who will appear in them will have no claim from against the video/ photo company or FORUM.
  6. The ticket holder must comply with the orders, health instructions and preventive measures set by the competent State Authorities, Bodies (EODY etc) and FORUM SA to avoid the spread of a pandemic or epidemic that threatens public health.

General Terms.

In case that the use of any service of https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/website is governed by more specific terms, these terms are considered as a set with these Terms of Use, however, in the event of a conflict, the specific terms prevail.

Any invalidity of any of the Terms of Use hereof shall not invalidate the rest.

Failure of the FORUM to exercise the rights resulting of these Terms of Use shall not result in its resignation from these rights.

FORUM is not liable for breach of these Terms due to reasons of force majeure.

FORUM reserves the right to change the content of these terms without any notice at any time.

Any dispute arising between the FORUM and the user/ visitor of the website https://www.athenscoffeefestival.gr/, by or in connection with these Terms of Use, will be ruled by the Greek law, and competent courts will be these of Athens.

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