37 top baristas and leading market executives of the coffee industry  presented the hottest trends, tips and case studies.

The Coffee Masterclasses took place at the “Miltiadis Evert” Amphitheater in the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens. The Coffee Masterclasses program had been curated by Snack & Coffee magazine and was coordinated by Eleni Manika, the magazine’s Editorial Director. 

The latest developments in the coffee industry dominated the 3rd day of Coffee Masterclasses 

The third and final day of the Coffee Masterclasses started with a dynamic discussion and ended in exactly the same way, offering rich information to the coffee industry professional. 

Alexandros Panagoulias (Yum Tales) and his special guests, Helen Lau (European Exports Manager, Something and Nothing) and Morgan Masters (European Sales Manager, Lemonaid) explained what drinks and soft drinks mean, based on the needs of the modern market of coffee shops. The coordinator was the Editorial Director of Snack&Coffee, Eleni Manika. 

Then, Nikos Politis (Lead of the Coffee Island Sustainability Team) and Dr. Alexis Panziaros (CEO & Co-Founder of Coffee-Eco) talked about their new collaboration and specifically the decision of Coffee Island to include this project in its potential as well as the aspirations for the next day on the part of Coffee-Eco. 

This was followed by the discussion panel on “Staff training: The A’s and Z’s of success”. Moderator was the Director of Publications of Forum SA, Thanasis Gialouris. The lively dialogue and the apt remarks contributed to a very interesting discussion, in which George Moulas (HASKOS EPE – Caffe’ Luigi), Dimitris Baigoussis (Coffee Expert, NOYNOY BARISTA’S GOLD), Valantis Lambrianidis (Valenio Specialty Coffee) and Konstantinos Iatridis (Coffee Expert&Trainer, VENICE) participated.   

Morgan Masters, Alexandros Panagoulias, Helen Lau, Eleni Manika

George Moulas, Dimitris Baigousis, Valantis Labrianidis, Konstantinos Iatridis, Thanasis Gialouris

“Turning Brunch into an absolute experience” was the topic of the Head of Frozen Business of Switz Group, Yannis Roudas. His expertise in the subject turned the slot into an interactive communication with the audience and their needs in the area of brunch and breakfast. 

Collaborator of the Snack&Coffee magazine and with recognized value by the whole Greek coffee community, Fotis Lefas (Coffee Lovers) quoted his top ten for a delicious Cold Brew. 

The finale of the Coffee Masterclasses took place with the discussion on “From barista roaster: Survival guide”. In a pleasant atmosphere and with speakers, professionals who started as baristas and today are entrepreneurs in the field of roasting, Antonis Kargiotis (Sapid), Michalis Sotiriou (Distretto Coffee Roasters) and Michalis Katsiavos (7Steps), Eleni Manika, Editorial Director of Snack&Coffee ” recorded” the key points for those who want to attempt the corresponding venture. With interesting questions from the audience and informative answers from the experts, yet another Coffee Masterclasses by Snack&Coffee event achieved its goal, which is none other than communication and interaction with the coffee industry.  

Stathis Koremtas, Dionysis Moustis, Eleni Manika, Konstantinos Perpinias, Angelos Kotsifakis

George Makropoulos

Inspiration & information from coffee experts on the 2nd day of the Coffee Masterclasses

The second day of the Coffee Masterclasses continued today to give coffee lovers knowledge and valuable secrets through detailed speeches, interesting panel discussions and intelligent questions from the audience.

The curtain was opened by Humanity Greece with the CEO Georgia Paraschou and the volunteer manager Petros Soukeris, who analyzed the topic “The contribution of Businesses to extraordinary and arising needs of Civil Society & as an integral part of the support chain”

Petros Soukeras, Georgia Paraschou

Serafim Zoukas

Seraphim Zoukas, through his personal story that led him from his home kitchen to the Brewers Cup 2022 World Championship, presented in detail the necessary equipment for home baristas-brewers and coffee lovers to make their own coffee even better.

The combination of technology and sustainability of espresso machines was discussed by Alexandros Sanozidis (Eurogat), Danos Danielidis (Innovative Coffee Systems) and Thodoris Vassilopoulos (Espressor). Coordinator was the Editor-in-Chief of Snack&Coffee, Giorgos Mantas.

Mr. Alejandro Garcia Moreno (Ambassador of Mexico to Greece) and Danay Farias (CEO Biagro Trading Mexico) took us to a “walk” to Mexico and the coffee of the country through their speech.

Alexandros Sanozidis, Danos Danielidis, Thodoris Vassilopoulos, George Mantas

Alejandro Garcia Moreno

Useful tips and conclusions through personal stories of development, emerged through a lively discussion moderated by the Editorial Director of Snack&Coffee, Eleni Manika in the panel themed “Prospects of development in the career of a barista”. Participants were Stathis Koremtas (Coffee Expert, CocaCola 3E), Dionysis Moustis (Coffee Capabilities, Lavazza), Konstantinos Perpinias (Mr Bean) and Angelos Kotsifakis (Seed Coffee Company).

The day was closed by Nestlé Professional’s Coffee Capabilities & Events Lead, George Makropoulos. Through his speech on “The “game of the mind and the senses in coffee” he introduced the audience to new worlds, “reigniting” their love for coffee even more.

Trends & coffee tips at the 1st day of Coffee Masterclasses

The first day of the Coffee Masterclasses began with enthusiasm, turning the “Miltiadis Evert” Amphitheater into a meeting point for coffee lovers, home baristas, and professionals who did not miss the opportunity to attend.

The beginning was made by Vassilis Rodopoulos (Coffee Expert, Filicori) who, through an interactive speech, shared barista tips for coffee lovers and home baristas.

The champion of the Greek Brewers Cup 2020, Athanasia Kalambaliki (Kudu Coffee Roasters), took the baton, giving the audience her own tips for brewing that led her to win the title.

This year, Coffee Masterclasses had the honor of hosting the Ambassador of Indonesia to Greece, Mr. Djundjunan Bebeb AK Nugraha, who spoke in detail about Indonesian coffee, while Embassy gifts were given to the audience through a fun coffee quiz.

Michalis Karagiannis, Dimitris Baigoussis

Athanasia Kalambaliki

Then, the founder of the Barista Academy and author Panagiotis Nikas, through his speech, traveled the audience to Brazil through his speech regarding his recent visit to the country.

The popularity and people’s love for microroasteries is well known. Stefanos Domatiotis (Create Coffee Roasters), Alexandros Nerantzis (Cafetierra), Stavros Michael (Kross Coffee Roasters) and in a surprise appearance Panagiotis Mantziounis (Roasters Kolektiva) were invited to discuss about this hot topic. The moderator of the panel, the Editor-in-Chief of Snack&Coffee, Giorgos Mantas, managed to give the audience knowledge, ideas and concerns with a positive sign for the trend of microroasteries, with his well-placed questions.

Panagiotis Nikas

Stavros Michael, Panagiotis Mantziounis, Alexandros Nerantzis, Stefanos Domatiotis, George Mantas

The Coffee Masterclasses stage closed for the first day by Dimitris Baigoussis (Coffee Expert, NOYNOY BARISTA’S GOLD) and Michalis Karagiannis (Barista Trainer, Coffee Lab) with… Jessy. Completing each other and in a question-and-answer game with the audience, they solved every question about the four basic milk drinks, i.e. cappuccino, latte, flat white and macchiato, to coffee lovers, home baristas as well as baristas who took the opportunity to ask slightly more difficult questions.

Enjoy the Videos from the Coffee Masterclasses 2023

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