The entire coffee industry expressed their absolute satisfaction after attending the Athens Coffee Festival, while the exhibitors were impressed by the great visiting & commercial success.

“At the Athens Coffee Festival, we were given the opportunity to offer our products to visitors and to get in touch with professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca industry as well as consumers. We have been participating in the festival since its 1st year and every year it gets better and more successful and we will always be here.”


“At the festival, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that people who already knew us looked for our booth, but also those who did not know us, were in the mood to try our coffees, learn about our products and even buy some. Athens Coffee Festival showed this year a new trend that is coming, that of the experienced consumer.”

Stefanos Domatiotis, Co-Founder & Head of training CREATE

“Athens Coffee Festival is a celebration of coffee and we participated this year for the 7th time. Every year the festival is better, consumers have learned what good coffee means and visit it to enjoy fantastic coffees.”

Panagiotis HaskosOwner - Caffe' Luigi Haskos Ltd

“We participated at the Athens Coffee Festival to launch LEGIT, the new, fresh espresso proposal of Lumidi Coffee Roasters. We are very excited with the public response, as since the first day of the festival, professionals have asked us to integrate it into their businesses. The event was, as every year, amazing, with a lot of fun vibe and we are glad that the consumers are also embracing it.”

Vassilis Lumidis, CEO Kafekoptia Lumidis

“The project we presented at the festival was the VENETI GO and we focused mainly on organic coffee from Guatemala. We participated at the Athens Coffee Festival to show to the public that we are doing a very good job in the coffee sector as well. The festival has now become an institution in the coffee industry.”

Konstantinos IatridisCoffee expert - Barista trainer FOURNOS VENETI

“We launched at the festival the cold brew of UTOPIA brand, while also for the first time we proceeded to sell capsules and cold brew during the Athens Coffee Festival.”

Theodoros Vasiliadis, Sales Manager KAWACOM HELLAS S.A.

“We participated for the sixth year at the Athens Coffee Festival and we were given the opportunity to meet the consumers and introduce them to our brands. We are very pleased with our participation at the festival and we are glad that it had such an impact with so many visitors and so many coffee brands. We are looking forward to the Athens Coffee Festival 2024!”

Emma TzanetouleaMarketing Manager - Coffee & Beverages W.S KAROULIAS

“We were very happy to participate at this great coffee festival, the biggest in our country, and we were given the opportunity to present our products and exchange opinions. We participated this year, among others, with the edible glass in the context of sustainable development and the circular economy adopted by the company. People who visited the festival, either for business reasons or to discover coffee market trends, had a great time as the event was amazing.”

Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos, R&D and Network Operation Director COFFEE ISLAND

“This year, among other things, we introduced our specialty instant coffee as well as the ROA oat milk. We participated once again at the Athens Coffee Festival mainly to support the institution and to make quality coffee more accessible to the public.”

Nikos KonstantinidisManager - THE UNDERDOG

“We are very happy that for another year we participated at this institution. We have been here since the 1st Athens Coffee Festival and I so am happy to see new people constantly visiting our stand and leaving Technopolis satisfied.”

Nikos Ferras, Co-Founder & CEO KUDU COFFEE ROASTERS

We are very happy that once again we participated at this great coffee celebration, which is now a benchmark for the industry. NOYNOY BARISTA’S GOLD was for the 7th consecutive year the Main Sponsor of the festival. The attendance of the public was impressive, both from professionals and from people who came from Greece and abroad to drink coffee and learn about the new coffee trends. We are completely satisfied with the organization of the festival. We renew our appointment for the Athens Coffee Festival 2024!

Lydia Valsami Brand Manager – Marketing Department FrieslandCampina Hellas - NOYNOY BARISTA'S GOLD

“The Athens Coffee Festival is a point of reference and a hub where professionals and consumers gather, it promotes the coffee market, it has an energy and a passion that is transmitted, it is a beautiful celebration! We exchanged views, knowledge and experiences as the festival helps professionals, baristas and the public to connect and enjoy great coffees.”

Efi Kogianni, Communications Officer EUROGAT A.E.

“At the festival we launched the POEM espresso capsules for the first time and had the opportunity to meet new professionals and offer our coffee to coffee lovers. We will always be at the Athens Coffee Festival!”

Manthos Archontakis, Owner & President V. ARCHONTAKIS SA

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