It’s an amazing wrap with 19,350 coffee lovers & industry’s masters

Athens Coffee Festival, which celebrates the Greece’s bustling and vibrant coffee scene, returned from 23-25 September 2023 – and what an incredible edition it was.  

This year we saw more than 19,350 visitors, discerning coffee lovers and those working in the coffee scene, attend across 3 days – and we can’t thank everyone enough for being part of it! Featuring top coffee companies as exhibitors, tastings and demonstrations from world-class baristas, interactive workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails, coffee competitions and so much more, the festival was such a resounding success.  

Coffee Masterclasses: 37 Coffee Experts, 18 Μasterclasses, 20 Hours of workshops  

37 coffee experts talked about all the latest innovations, trends, and practices in the coffee industry during ACF Coffee Masterclasses. The attendees joined the best in the business for a series of boundary-pushing talks and interactive panel discussions. >>

Coffee Championships by SCA Greece 

Talented and ambitious baristas met at Athens Coffee Festival 2023 and competed for the first place in Roasting, Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits Championships 2024. Specifically, after two days… of endless roasting, the winners for the Roasting Championship are: Galazoulas Theodoros (1st place), Alexandros Nerantzis (2nd place), Spyridakis Lefteris (3rd place) while regarding the Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, the first place was taken by Yiannis Zoras, the second by Angelos Kotsifakis and the third by Yiannis Politis. Finally, the Latte Art winners were Sokratis Gialamas, who will prepare his bags for the international competition, Konstantinos Gounidellis won the second place and Haris Ifantis the third place. >> 

Aeropress Championship 

The funniest coffee competition took place at the Athens Coffee Festival! In a highly entertaining atmosphere where 57 contestants showed their skills in the Aeropress, three winners stole the spotlight: Stelios Antoniou (1st place), Nikos Stoforos (2nd) and Yiannis Galatsiatos (3rd). Stelios will represent Greece at the World Championship to be held in Melbourne. >> 

One stage, 2 concerts, 2 live sj sets, 30 hours of music & happenings 

Dance, rgifts, music, smiles, happenings dominated the main stage of the festival. The hostess Katerina Psimopoulou set the pace and kept us company, Enlefko’s popular radio producers Spyros Pagiatakis and Sakis Tsitomeneas set the decks on fire and of course Ilias Bogdanos with his group INCO group and singer Evridiki, gave us two explosive music shows.>> 

For another year, the Technopolis of City of Athens turned into the ultimate destination for coffee lovers, active baristas, and dynamic professionals who want to be constantly aligned with the tredns! In addition to the excellent varieties of coffee from all over the world, we enjoyed three days of unique happenings, music, competitions with rich prizes and listened to coffee experts analyze industry’s issues. A festival full of aromas and music that united us all! 

Thank you all for your presence and we renew our appointment for 2024, with even more music, workshops, happenings and of course… plenty of coffee! 

Check out the highlights of the Athens Coffee Festival 2023!

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