Visitors' Profile

The Athens Coffee Festival is addressed both to industry professionals, as well as coffee aficionados and the general public. The Festival will be attended by more than 32,000 visitors. Specifically:

  • Café-bar owners & managers
  • Owners of coffee grinding shops
  • Owners of refreshment establishments
  • Owners of bakery cafés
  • Franchisees from the Coffee and Catering industry
  • Baristas & Coffee Roasters
  • Café-bar staff
  • Executives from the foodservice industry
  • Hotel F&B Managers
  • Home Baristas
  • Home Roasters
  • Coffee aficionados
  • Buyers of capsules & K-Cups
  • Οut of Home Espresso users
  • Somelliers & Bartenders
  • Wine and beer lovers
  • Food & Beverage wholesalers
  • Wide consumer audience
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