5th Hellenic AeroPress Contest

Athens Coffee Festival welcomes Hellenic AeroPress Contest, the most innovative coffee contest, supporting breakthrough ideas in the coffee industry.

Another important coffee-based event will be hosted by the 6th Athens Coffee Festival, enriching even more the impressive program of special events that professional and consumers, who will visit the festival, can engaged. More specifically, the 5th Hellenic AeroPress Championship, organized by the well-known coffee company Kudu Coffee Roasters, will take place on Monday 26th September in Technopolis. Talented baristas will battle, with the winner representing Greece at the AeroPress World Championship.

What is AeroPress?

The AeroPress is a device for brewing coffee. Coffee is steeped for 20 seconds and then forced through a filter by pressing the plunger through the tube. The filters used are either the AeroPress paper filters or disc shaped thin metal filters. The maker describes the result as an espresso strength concentration of coffee, but its most frequent use is more in the filter brew strength.

A few words about the AeroPress contest

  • AeroPress World Championship was created in 2008 by Tim Wendelboe and Tim Varney and since then it has become one of the most exciting and unique competition platforms in the coffee industry. Only three baristas participated at the first contest that was organized. Eleven years later, at 2019, the competition has grown big with entries from 51 countries and a total of a thousand contestants.
  • In Greece this year is being held for the 5th time and is the second time that it is hosted by Athens Coffee Festival.
  • The title can be claimed by both professional barista and amateurs.
  • Regarding the rules, these are simple. The judges (7 in all) will evaluate blindly, based solely on the taste and best way of extracting with AeroPress. Through an open and transparent competition, the aim is to show the different techniques offered by using AeroPress.
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