Hundreds of visitors tasted top coffee brands

Hundreds of visitors tasted top coffee brands

The first day of the 5th Athens Coffee Festival ended in a complete success, reminding us why this festival is the absolute meeting point for coffee professionals and coffee lovers in general.

From early in the morning, traffic at the Technopolis gate was intense, with dozens of visitors swarming to taste, with safety, coffee of the finest quality from the enormous selection that the 78 exhibitors had undertaken to present and the skilled and experienced baristas of top brands had been called to bring out.

The constant attendance of the public, of all ages and from every corner of the city, until the end of the first day of the festival, clearly proved the support of the coffee industry at the Athens Coffee Festival, especially in the demanding, after covid era. Of course, what was noteworthy was the strong presence of coffee professionals who were updated on new products, got ideas for the new techniques and coffee brands that can renew the level of services their business provides, and made their first exploratory visits to exhibitors’ booths with the ultimate goal of closing new deals. In fact, as we have been informed, in some cases deals were closed “at hello”.

Athens Coffee Festival

Seminars & competitions at the heart of ACF 2021

The rich gifts of the exhibitors that were drawn during the first day, magnetized the interest of the visiting public. The Coffee Masterclasses also left the best impression. Once more, the Athens Coffee Festival hosted important seminars and specialized presentations on coffee, sparking the interest of consumers and professionals alike. Of course these will continue tomorrow, with a different cycle of speeches.

Another parallel event of the festival where there was a lot of action all day long was the SCA Greece’s Greek Coffee Championship (Roasting) to find the

Greek champion. To make a mini account of the first day and based on our experience from the previous 4 events, the next two days of the festival are expected to be even more impressive and the final number of visitors will exceed all expectations!

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