Athens Coffee Festival

ACF 2023: Coffee trends & party mood!

The festival that highlights the coffee trends in Greece since 2016, will welcome once again top coffee brands, exciting coffee championships, seminars from coffee experts and of course lots of coffee surprises!

From September 23th to 25th the city of Athens will live to the rhythm of the biggest Coffee Festival in Greece! Featuring the top coffee companies as exhibitors, demonstrations from world-class baristas, interactive workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails, competitions and so much more, the festival is going to be the must visit event for more than 25,000 creative urbanites and industry professionals who are expected to attend.

The art of coffee & … fun only at ACF!

In a lively three-day event starring coffee, you will enjoy unique happenings & musical surprises! And not only thate! You will taste excellent quality coffee varieties from Vietnam, Indonesia, Panama, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia and hear award-winning baristas share their coffee tips. You will take part in competitions with coffee prizes and dance until you drop at the biggest coffee party in the country!

What will you try at Athens Coffee Festival?

The most important companies that excel in the coffee industry and shape developments both in our country and worldwide will participate at 7th Athens Coffee Festival and will present to you:

  • Espresso blends, single variety coffees, coffees in capsules or pods, Greek coffees, varieties of green coffee.
  • Espresso machines, grinders, blenders, mixers, brew bars & extraction systems, serving accessories and consumables.
  • Variety of natural soft drinks, tea, juices, chocolate.

Are you Coffee industry’s professionals or barista? Then you will have the opportunity to see new and innovative products, which will make a difference to your business and help you upgrade the product you offer to your customer! Are you a coffee lover? Then you will try fine varieties of coffee and discover top coffee machines for home!

Which events will you attend at ACF 2023?

From Coffee Masterclasses by coffee experts to live coffee competitions, ACF has it all! For another year, top notch baristas will share their expertise with you through speeches, presentations and panels about the developments in processing, the importance of sample roasting, innovations in coffee machines and equipment, the trend of microroasteries and much more! At the same time, top baristas, brewers and roasters will be here in order to participate at the Panhellenic Coffee in Good Spirits, Roasting, Latte Art Championships 2024, or watch these exciting but also imaginative contests.

The heart of the festival beats again this year at the stage of Athens Coffee Festival! The popular radio producer and DJ of Hit 88.9, Katerina Psimopoulou will be giving the vibes, while during the day you will have the opportunity to win coffee gifts from the exhibitors by taking part in coffee knowledge competitions.

Ηλίας Μπόγδανος & INCO

Ilias Bogdanos & INCO


Last but not least, along with your coffee, you will dance and sing with popular bands that will turn the festival into the biggest party in town! On Saturday, September 23, at 5:30 p.m., the radio producer Spiros Pagiatakis will entertain you with his musical selections, while Ilias Bogdanos and his band, INCO, invite you to a unique party, at 7:30 p.m. on the first day of the festival! On Sunday September 24 at 17:30, the radio producer Sakis Tsitomeneas will welcome you with the most fun DJ set, while at 19:30 Evridiki will make you dance non stop with her greatest hits!

NOYNOY BARISTA’S GOLD is once again the Grand Sponsor of the festival.

Σάκης Τσιτομενέας_εικόνα

Sakis Tsitomeneas

DJ Σπύρος Παγιατάκης

Spiros Pagiatakis

Are you a Barista? Do you have a café-bar? Or are you a Home barista? This party is yours too and you shouldn’t miss it!

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