Seminars, workshops and coffee cupping accompanied by live music

Seminars, workshops and coffee cupping accompanied by live music

The Athens Coffee Festival will be interspersed with seminars, shows and a lot of music, maintaining the interest of the people who will come alive across the three days.

The program of the Athens Coffee Festival special events will be more than full, in order to cover every need and taste. In particular, targeted seminars, specialized workshops and thematic demonstrations will be carried out on a daily basis in specially designed halls, featuring leading professionals from Greece and abroad. But there will also be action on the main stage that dominates the outdoor area of ​​Technopolis, where from early in the morning until the closing of the festival well-known radio producers and bands will be parading. All the seminars and art events will be free for all visitors of the Athens Coffee Festival.

More specifically, visitors will be able to enjoy a wide range of parallel events:

Coffee masterclasses

The masterclasses that will take place during the three days of the festival will be the focal meeting point for coffee professionals and coffee aficionados. Greek and foreign leading professionals and specialized scientists will be there to present all the new trends dominating the contemporary international coffee scene, ideas that contribute to its further development, and anything else that will interest the international market over the upcoming period. The program of Coffee Masterclasses has been scheduled so as to cover a significant number of hours with live presentations and demonstrations addressed to both professionals and coffee lovers. There will be a wide range of topics, from the future of coffee production, the history and culture of coffee, the aromatic potential and delicious profile of raw and roasted grains to the Italian espresso tradition and the challenge of specialty coffee etc. Masterclasses will take place at Innovathens conference hall at Technopolis, City of Athens.

Music events

The main stage of the festival will host every day DJ-sets as well as live radio shows with popular radio producers (En Lefko 87.7, Hit 88.9, Red 96.3, Melodia 99.2) such as Nikos Drogosis, Eva Boudouri, Sakis Tsitomeneas, Afroditi Simiti, Eleni Manousaki, Mary Margeli, Manolis Economou, Dimitris Vrachnos, Yannis Yakoumakis and a live concert with Alcatrash band (28/09).
See the full music program.

Tasty coffee cupping

Visitors to the festival will have the opportunity to taste rare varieties and coffee blends from around the world.

Competitions with rich gifts

Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in the contests and interactive presentations that will take place on the main stage, claiming rich gifts!

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