A solid marketing plan that enforce the brand

A solid marketing plan that enforce the brand

The Athens Coffee Festival 2020 advertising expenditure will exceed €100,000. Its objective, to maximize the Festival’s visibility and commercial effectiveness, despite the new organizing restrictions and protocols set by COVID-19.

Aiming to provide invaluable, targeted information to all sector professionals, as well as coffee aficionados, the ACF 2020 will be supported by an efficient communication plan and a comprehensive ad campaign that will run for three months in the press (free press and trade magazines), radio (14 major stations in Athens and Thessaloniki) and digital media.

Over the last years, ACF has successfully established a strong reputation, and managed to create a reliable brand, thanks mostly to its innovative vision and targeted promotional initiatives. ACF 2020 is raising even higher the bar as FORUM SA, the trade show’s organizing company, is set to invest a tremendous—for Greece, at least—amount in order to consolidate its brand and maintain its reputation as one of the leading trade shows of its kind in the world.

At the same time, newsletters will be sent to 35,000 professionals in the industry at regular intervals, while one week before the Festival, personal barcoded invitations and SMS messages will be sent to the same professionals, inviting them to visit the premises of Technopolis City of Athens on September 26-28.

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