Athens Coffee Festival Διαφημιστική Προβολή

Dynamic promotional plan

Τhe organizing company has developed a targeted and dynamic advertising campaign for the promotion of the Athens Coffee Festival.

Athens Coffee Festival renew its appointment with the coffee industry and coffee lovers on 25-27 September, 2021, in Technopolis City of Athens.As part of the promotion of the exhibition, an impressive advertising plan will be set in motion by the organizing company. With a strong presence in free press and radios and a targeted digital marketing plan, high traffic and commercial effectiveness for exhibitors is guaranteed.

Targeted marketing plan

The plan for the promotion of the Festival includes radio coverage, digital marketing, barcode invitations and printing ads at city’s free press. More specifically, the budget will be spent to 1,500 spots, which will air on the 10 most popular radio stations in Attica region. At the same time, a significant percentage of the marketing budget will be spent to advertisements in free press weekly newspapers and to registered barcode invitations that will be sent to key executives.
Finally, special emphasis will be given to digital marketing as a significant percentage of the total budget will be invested in targeted campaigns through Google, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing and YouTube.

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