Athens Coffee Festival

ACF: A dynamic comeback with 16,500 visitors

16,500 visitors, 80 exhibitors, seminars, championships and competitions. Athens Coffee Festival left its mark for 5th consecutive year, turning Technopolis into the ultimate destination in the city for three days.

The 5th Athens Coffee Festival was completed with great commercial success, being for another year, the top meeting point for coffee professionals. The largest coffee festival in the country, brought together 80 exhibitors with 16,500 thousand visitors, 7,500 of whom are decision makers of the coffee industry giving the opportunity to achieve quality and profitable collaborations and confirming the commercial impact and dynamic that the festival has on the country’s coffee industry.

Seminars and competitions at the heart of the festival

Athens Coffee Festival

Christos Klouvatos (Samba Coffee Roasters), Spyros Alexopoulos (Nestlé Professional), Eleni Manika (Editor in Chief Snack&Coffee magazine)

Athens Coffee Festival

Alexandros Nerantzis (1st position), Alexandros Ferras (2nd position), Athanasios Aggelopoulos (3rd position) at the 4th Panhellenic Roasting Championship

The Coffee Masterclasses stole the show with top speakers from the coffee industry. The large number of professionals who attended, had the opportunity to discover the new trends that prevail in the modern international coffee scene, while being informed about the concerns of the global coffee industry. In more detail, with keynote speakers from Greece during the seminars, the main coffee industry’s issues were analyzed.

Athens Coffee Festival also hosted music events and competitions. In the competitive part, SCA Greece returned again with the 4th Panhellenic Roasting Championship that gave the ticket for the respective international competition.

Visitors who enjoyed the countless varieties of coffee of the festival, took part in competitions answering a series of questions about coffee, its history, varieties and special stories about it. More than 150 prizes from exhibitors were drawn in all three days of the festival.

The decision makers of the coffee industry attended the festival

The decision makers of the coffee industry had the opportunity in three days, to talk with the top Greek coffee experts, as well as with the representatives of the top coffee brands, to share their concerns with talented baristas and coffee specialists and to exchange ideas with great personalities from the coffee industry. Visitors discovered up close single origin, single estate, blends, specialty coffees, fine varieties from around the world and rich equipment and they also became part of this great coffee festival of the city.

Athens Coffee Festival 2021
Athens Coffee Festival 2021

See the Post Show Video of Athens Coffee Festival 2021!

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