Athens Coffee Festival 2022

The entire coffee industry expressed their absolute satisfaction after attending the 6th Athens Coffee Festival, while the exhibitors were impressed by the great visiting & commercial success.

“Athens Coffee Festival is a great celebration, for professionals, for consumers, for those in general who love good coffee. Every year is even better. The purpose of our participation was to show the consumer the new era in side products, and I believe that we achieved that during the three days of the festival.”

Konstantinos Antonopoulos, Coffee Lab Development Director

Athens Coffee Festival contributes dynamically in introducing consumers to quality coffees, educating them on new varieties and helping to develop the coffee culture in our country. We are very pleased with both the number of visitors and the positive comments we have heard about our products.

Panagiotis N. HaskosManaging Director - Caffe' Luigi Haskos Ltd

“It was the first time we participated in the Athens Coffee Festival and really the organization was excellent, we were excited about the festival. It was the perfect opportunity to present the new identity of the Qualita Unica brand. What pleasantly surprised us was the number of coffee professionals who visited our booth and wanted to get to know our products.”

Vassilis Arnakis, Managing Director ABEK Vekrakos SA

Our impressions from the Athens Coffee Festival 2022 are excellent. We held a significant number of meetings with industry professionals who were interested in learning about the Il Toto concept. I believe that the promotion of a coffee company through its participation in the festival is immediate and very dynamic. We will participate at ACF 2023 as well.

Georgia TheodoriCo-Owner - Il Toto Specialty Coffee

“We are very pleased with the organization as well as with the people who came to our stand to learn about our new machines. The audience was very targeted as we made appointments with coffee shop owners, with roasters, with people who want to open a coffee shop and coffee importers. We believe that the festival promotes the coffee market and culture in Greece and that is why we are also part of it.”

Christos Lialias, Managing Director La Marzocco Cyprus by Equipme


I think this year’s event was amazing because it had many exhibitors and visitors. We had the opportunity to present our machines and roast live which we really enjoyed. In fact, we were visited by several professionals in the sector, who also bought our coffee roasting machines.

Ioannis PapadopoulosOwner - I.P.-CC coffee roast machines

“We are very happy that NOYNOY BARISTA’S GOLD was for the 6th year the Grand Sponsor of Athens Coffee Festival. At our booth, visitors had the opportunity to enjoy their coffee and learn about our full range of products, as well as discuss with our team ideas for their business. The festival is a leading trade event and a reference point for the coffee industry. In its context, professionals can be informed about developments in the field and baristas can learn about global trends.”

Lydia Valsami, Marketing Department FrieslandCampina Hellas S.A.

The atmosphere was great during the festival and the public was very open to try new types of coffee and for us as exhibitors it was a very pleasant participation. As a company we presented new types and processing techniques as well as coffee cocktails with our cold brew which had a special appeal. Athens Coffee Festival gives us the opportunity to come into contact not only with businessmen but also with consumers.

Paola TseloMarketing Communications & Digital Marketing Coordinator - Taf Coffee

“We are very pleased as the number of visitors who came and tried our products was quite large and the mood of all of us was very festive! Athens Coffee Festival is an ideal opportunity to inform both industry professionals and consumers about the new trends in the field and also to find products that they might not have known about.”

Freddy Pastras, Director Area 51 Artisan Coffee Roasters

I enjoyed so much Athens Coffee Festival. The weather was perfect, the place was beautiful. It was a very nice events with big brands and very beautiful stands. I am very satisfied with the organization of the festival. They did more than they had the responsibility to do in order to help me and I think it’s a good start for our collaboration.

Luminita BostinaruMarketing Manager - AQUA CARPATICA

“As true coffee travelers and explorers, we couldn’t miss the biggest coffee celebration, bringing flavors and aromas to the public from the entire range of our Single Estate coffees! As part of the festival, we presented our new Coffee Cold Brew Beer as well as cocktails on the go. The ACF gave us the opportunity to engage with professionals and consumera. It was a celebration that no one missed and an experience that brought all coffee lovers closer. We look forward to renewing our appointment for 2023 as well!”

Georgia Tsoutsikou, Marketing Manager Coffee Island

International brands representatives

“We have been enjoying Athens Coffee Festival for sure. It is my second time here in the ACF and I would say this year is more crowded. There is very active business all around. Hopefully we will come again for another Athens Coffee Festival.”


Athens Coffee Festival was amazing. I am quite impressed about how developed the festival was and how big the coffee community is here in Greece. It’s huge and that’s also true about premium beverages. There was an interest in healthy beverages. We talked a lot about LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), this is a growing community in Greece as well.

Dimitri de MartignacExport Sales Manager - OATLY / YUM TALES

“It was my second time in Athens Coffee Festival and enjoyed it very much. For me it was the best festival I have been because it’s outdoors. I saw many players in the market with a strong investment. I think the Festival grew. More exhibitors, more people. Generally, we were very happy with the organization of the Festival. I saw very beautiful booths here and the vibe of the coffee of the Greek market.”  

Miguel Meleiro, Export Area Manager FIAMMA / ESPRESSOR

It was my first time in Athens Coffee Festival, and I loved it. There were so many different brands. It seemed like the perfect place for us as well. It seemed very premium and quite focused on natural. Everything looked great. The organization of the festival was good. A good amount of people and everything was quite easy to find, which I think is important and everyone was friendly.

Sofia TownendInternational Account Manager - ΒELVOIR FARM / YUM TALES

“It was my first time in ACF and I really liked it. Fantastic people, fantastic spirit and I was very happy to visit it. The location was fantastic. The fact that it was open was amazing, very different from the classic exhibitions, where everything is without soul. You could talk to people in different context and you could enjoy all the positive vibes. In terms of volume and quality, the Greek Coffee Market is one of the best or the best market in Europe. It is a fact!”

Massimo Martellato,  Export Area Manager SAN REMO coffee machines s.r.l. / HELLENIC IMPEX

Athens Coffee Festival certainly gave us the opportunity to find many partners and meet a lot of people. For us ACF is a reference and a point we have put on our map and we want to be here every year. Our presence at ACF helps us a lot because we can develop some partnerships that otherwise would have been much more difficult. It also helps a lot that the festival has a very friendly atmosphere. Meetings and conversations become easier. This festival is very close to our own character.

Manos TziritasCEO - Nomad / YUM TALES

“It was my second time in Athens Coffee Festival and I enjoyed it very much. I think it’s great to bring all these people and all these companies and all these producers together in one place. They can taste and engage with each product and learn about it. I loved the venue and the forum where the masterclasses took place. Great organization.”

Fabio Carlucci, Founder & CEO ROY KOMBUCHA / YUM TALES

It was my fourth time at Athens Coffee Festival. This year it was really great. I come from Italy every year to join the event. The mood and the atmosphere was amazing. When you see people spend time talk about coffee, it gives you the energy to move into new projects in coffee.


“Greek coffee market is a mature market already. Far more developed than Italy’s. In Greece you have skilled baristas and coffee roasters, interesting coffee shops. It was the second time I visited the Athens Coffee Festival. It seems that companies invested more money and time to improve their stands, and their presence here in general. I really liked the organization of the festival.”

Federico Fossati, Export Area Manager Southern Europe GRUPPO CIMBALI SPA/ WELLNESS STORES

It’ was my first time at an Athens Coffee Festival and I can say that is my favorite festival. The stands, the location, the whole Greek coffee culture. We used to think that London is the center, but now we follow the Greek coffee market, talking about the quality and the whole philosophy. It’s a large market already.

Nick PaputselosOperations Director - WATERCARE - WELLNESS STORES

“It was my first time at the festival and it was brilliant. I think this was probably one of best coffee festivals I have been to. I think Greece is taking coffee to another level. I think you guys have pulled out all the stops. The organization was brilliant, the flow, the location, it was just fantastic.”

Curt Wofner, Technical After Sales Manager EVERSYS / INNOVATIVE COFFEE SYSTEMS

It was my first time at the festival. For us it was very interesting to just taste the different coffees, to get to know the Greek taste profile. And there were some amazing coffees. The Greek Coffee Market is very diverse because you have the traditional Greek coffees and you develop trends with very nice natural coffees. We were very excited to be here. The ACF was very well organized. We want to grow on the Greek market to see what possibilities there are here.


“It was my first time at Athens Coffee Festival and it was really interesting. I was impressed of the amount of crowd. The location was fantastic. I was surprised to see so many specialty coffee shops and roasteries at the Festival but at the city too!”


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