Exhibitors expressed their absolute satisfaction with their participation in the 4th Athens Coffee Festival, while visitors , who had the opportunity to attend the festival gave particularly flattering feedback, focusing on the high level of the organization and the enormous appeal of the festival to the Athenian public.

“This year we had a very nice event with great turnout. Exhibitors were way more numerous this year and overall we are in for a great coffee festival. People visiting is more informed, ready to have a good time, taste and participate in this celebration. Our aim, as Coffee Island, is for people to come and drink coffee, get to know us and try new things. And this goal has been 100% achieved. We will definitely be here next year as well.”
Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos, R&D Director | COFFEE ISLAND

Our impressions of Athens Coffee Festival are very positive. We see that a lot of people came, both professionals and consumers. We have been participating since the first event and this year, I see that we have even more visitors, who also happen to be more educated, than the previous years. The organization is even better. We have had several business meetings, there is interest and we will most certainly build very beneficial relationships.

Kostas KalafatasOwner / SCA Coordinator - SAMBA CAFE

“The impressions from the ACF are very good. We have great turnout. I can say that this is the best festival so far. There is even better organization, more kiosks and people have the opportunity to see more. Also, many professionals have come, not only from Greece but from abroad as well.”
Manthos Archontakis, Owner | ARCHONTAKIS

“For yet another year the ACF is the focal point for coffee lovers. Lots of people, nice coffees. This year the festival had a large turnout and a more targeted audience. Moreover, the largest companies in the industry participated as exhibitors.”
Nikos Kanakaris, Barista | CAFEISTAS – COFFEE REPUBLIC

“The ACF has now become an institution in Greece, creating trends in the coffee industry. Every year we have more and more visitors and every exhibitor presents something new. We observe that we are visited by more professionals and coffee lovers who are looking for something different. We have already closed several new business deals.”
Annita Chatzidimitriou, Coffee Marketing Department | W.S. KAROULIAS

“The 4th ACF was the best event to date and in comparison to previous years there were way more people. There were also many professionals and we had many important meetings which in the future will be largely translated into business deals.”
Panagiotis Haskos, Managing Partner – MBA | CAFFE LUIGI

“We are participating in the ACF for the second time. It is a pleasure to see so many people interested that much in espresso. Attending professionals show strong interest as also does the average consumer who comes to see what it is like to make a good espresso. We’ll definitely be here next year.”
Elias Goulas, Vice President & CEO of Gentracom SA | LE PIANTAGIONI DEL CAFFE

The coffee industry keeps things interesting by constantly having new things to show to both professionals and consumers. This was also evident at this year’s ACF. We had a very significant turnout on both sides. The market needed this kind of festival. You will definitely see us at the ACF next year, showing anything new that we have.

Anestis NedopoulosSenior Brand Manager - NESTLE PROFESSIONAL - LOUMIDIS

“We come to the ACF for the 4th year. We now feel at home. The conditions are perfect and people are excited. We come to interact with our customers, the visitors, the baristas and anyone interested in learning more about coffee from us. We are moved by people’s response.”
Christos Zamanakis, Education & Quality Manager | DIMELLO

“Our impressions of the ACF are very good. We have participated before. The exhibition is open to the public, giving consumers the opportunity to take a taste of different brands and varieties of coffee. It goes without saying that we will be here next year; I trust FORUM and the exhibitions it organizes.”
Giorgos Trikas, Chairman & CEO | CAFFE VERGNANO 1882

“I consider this year’s ACF to be very successful and the organizer of the event really deserves many congratulations because every year it is getting better and better. It is exactly what we expected and it met all our expectations. We participate each year and since we really see it as a celebration of coffee, and this contact with consumers is valuable, I predict that in the coming years, our presence will be continuous.”
Vasileios Tartaris, CEO | KIMBO

“The ACF is now becoming an institution in the Athenian and Greek markets. Every year it is better; more people, higher turnout and the consumer has the opportunity to enjoy coffee from all over the world. We are positively impressed that people are getting to know about more “interesting” varieties. We’ve been at the ACF the past two years and we will definitely be here next year as well.”
Dimitris Xidonas, CEO | KAWACOM

We are here since the first event of Big Sponsors in Athens Coffee Festival and I believe that every year it is getting even better. People turnout keeps increasing and the important thing is that we have real coffee lovers both professionals and consumers. Every year the number of professional visitors rises; the coffee industry has embraced the ACF.

Dimitris LykoudisMarketing Manager - NOUNOU BARISTAS GOLD

“This year’s ACF has been very successful, with greater variety of exhibitors, and in addition to a large turnout, it had a wide range of ages which is very interesting. In our kiosk, visitors focus on the colorful beverages we’ve brought with us and they get impressed. Visitors are very positive towards anything different and this shows the level of visitors. It’s not the visitor that came to get free coffee and leave; he/she came to be informed.”
Panagiotis Nikas, Head of Training | BARISTA ACADEMY

“Our impressions of the festival are very good even though we participate for the first time. But we see great response from people. Many of them approach us to ask if we have anything new to show them. I think the festival is getting better year by year and we all need to be better in order to be able to show new things to the public. What has struck me most is that people are now looking for something different and when they find it they ask to learn about and be educated on the new thing.”
Stelios Roumeliotis, Owner / General Manager | COFFEE LAB

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