Exhibitors expressed their absolute satisfaction with their participation in the 3rd Athens Coffee Festival, while visitors , who had the opportunity to attend the festival gave particularly flattering feedback, focusing on the high level of the organization and the enormous appeal of the festival to the Athenian public.

“For us, Athens Coffee Festival is a journey that started three years ago. It is celebration for coffee and today, October 1st, on the International Coffee Day, it is the best thing that could happen to professionals, the sector and consumers that wish to come and try all the Greek roasters. When we believe in something, we stand behind it and we fully support it. So, yes, we will attend again next year.”
Manthos Archontakis,  Owner | Archontakis Coffee

Although yesterday was raining, there were large crowds of people visiting. Today, the weather is perfect and the mood is also great, just like last year. We are thrilled to be participating. I think that all coffee companies should participate at the Athens Coffee Festival, because it is the celebration of coffee! It take place on the International Coffee Day and, therefore, it is a celebration for all!

Yannis KaryofillisR&D Director / Dimello - Kafea Terra

Despite the adverse weather conditions, Athens Coffee Festival managed to attract huge coffee-loving crowds. It made coffee aficionados come together and see up close all the interesting things happening in the sector. Coffee companies must participate at the Athens Coffee Festival. It is an already established institution and here one can meet anyone and everyone from the world of coffee –not only professionals, but also consumers.

Anestis NedopoulosSenior Brand Manager - Nestle Professional

“This year, Athens Coffee Festival was way better than expected. The weather was a bit difficult, but in terms of organization and attendance –both the companies exhibiting and the people visiting– I believe it was the best event so far. The Athens Coffee Festival is a celebration of coffee, therefore it is necessary to be here. We, as a company, are all here, we are having a great time, we are happy about our products and I think so are consumers. We will definitely be here next year as well.”
Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos, R&D Director | Coffee Island

“I had the impression that this year’s Athens Coffee Festival had many visitors, although the weather was far from ideal –it didn’t hurt that there was a period of intense advertising activity. At this point this is the only fair addressed exclusively to coffee aficionados. This is the only trade fair relating to coffee that we participate, because we, as a company, think it is rather interactive, it is addressed to both the consumer and the coffee professional, while we see a lot of new trends and each year there are even more companies exhibiting.”
Emma Tzenetoulea, Marketing Manager Coffee/Beverages | W.S. Karoulias.

“Athens Coffee Festival has proven to be a successful event. I was here last year, I gave a presentation, I am very happy to be here again. It is an event in the calendar of the Greek community that will be here to stay forever. This is a beautiful thing, a beautiful event full of people and connecting specialty coffee people. I think I will come every year, because it makes it possible for me not only to visit my client, Coffee Island, but also to make connections with all the other specialty coffee people in Greece. And not only from Greece, but also from other countries. I was in Moscow and Japan and then I made sure to make a stop here just because of Athens Coffee Festival.”
Edgard Bressani, Director | Capricornio Coffees – Coffee Island Suppliers / Brazil

“This year’s Athens Coffee Festival has some exceptional participations, while people seem to really support the event, to love coffee and to be really interested in all the latest coffee trends presented here at the Festival. The Dimello stand is amazing, full of new flavors. We’ll definitely be here next year.”
Stelios Nikolopoulos , Dimello Importer in Istanbul / Turkey

“This year’s Athens Coffee Festival, although we had some issues with the weather which was not optimal, managed to attract more people than expected. And since nothing can stop us –even the weather– we keep going. Athens Coffee Festival is a celebration of coffee. And it is very important for companies such as our own, to be a part of this celebration.”
Panagiotis Haskos , CEO | Caffe Luigi

This is my second time at the Athens Coffee Festival and I think it is a great event for both the coffee companies and the people coming here to try new coffee flavors. I believe it is a fair that will keep evolving and growing year after year, and attracting more and more visitors. It is a pleasure to travel from my country just to be at the Athens Coffee Festival.

Fayez Al-QudahGeneral Manager - Rashouf Food Stuff Ltd. – Dimello Representative /Jordan

This is my first time at the Athens Coffee Festival. It is fantastic, there is a lot of people and compared to other, respective, trade shows and festivals in Milan, I have to say I am very impressed with its size and scope. In addition, our stand was one of the best at the festival and people can easily visit it.

Marco ColombiniSales Manager - Colombini / Italy

“ Athens Coffee Festival is an exceptional event and it is amazing to see all these people, all these coffee aficionados supporting the entire coffee community. The Specialty Coffee Association fully supports the Athens Coffee Festival. Athens Coffee Festival, like any other coffee festival is mostly addressed to consumers and is the perfect place for people to connect with coffee companies and professionals.”
Yannis Apostolopoulos, Deputy CEO | Specialty Coffee Association

“ Athens Coffee Festival is a fantastic event. You get to see new things, to learn new things… All the companies here are very creative. There are new, dynamic products. I have to say that all of us coming from other countries, Germany in my case, can learn a lot of things here. I believe that coffee companies should come at least once to the Athens Coffee Festival. They should come and experience new things, new products. It is in a way, imperative.”
Stefanos Charalampidis, Dimello Representative | Coffee Experiences / Germany

“This year’s Athens Coffee Festival, like the one last year, was really impressive. For such a small market like the Greek one, it has many innovative features many companies, dynamism, enthusiasm. It is always very interesting to visit it. I’ve had the chance to visit many major coffee markets, such as the US, especially the West Coast which is famous for innovation in coffee, but to be honest, Greece is a crossroads for coffee. It is a market unburdened by tradition (like Italy) and dares –the companies, the market, the consumers– to try new things –and this makes it very interesting. Greece is a very dynamic and interesting country in terms of coffee. I was here last year with my team and we came again this year and we are really seeing some very interesting things.”
Xenon Mandralis, R&D Head | Nestle Professional

“I believe Athens Coffee Festival is an event of international caliber. A lot of people came to the Festival from Greece as well as other countries. And despite the heavy rain on the first day, the crowds were enormous!”
Manolis Tsaldaris, CEO | Water Fresh AE

This year’s Athens Coffee Festival was really something, considering the weather conditions. Even so, we remained calm and patient, the weather changed for the better and we are now enjoying a great Athens Coffee Festival. It is very important for coffee companies to be present at the Athens Coffee Festival, since it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to come into contact with the final consumer. This here is the only chance we have to see our consumers, answer questions about our products, to try them and tell us what they think about them. We will definitely be here next year, at the Athens Coffee Festival 2019.

Iakovos DrakulisManaging Director - Draculi Coffee

For another year in a row, this has been a very successful event. Although the weather has been really bad, the people responded in a positive way, they were very much interested, they came. I believe it was once again a flawlessly organized event that fulfilled the expectations of both the professionals and the consumers alike. I believe that the Athens Coffee Festival is a must-attend event for coffee companies in order to come into contact with professionals as well as consumers –the Festival, as its DNA suggests, is perfect for something like that.

Dionysis MoustisCoffee Capability Development Specialist / Lavazza - Coca-Cola HBC Greece

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