Athens Coffee Festival: Safety and Health Protocol

Athens Coffee Festival is being held exclusively in the open spaces of Technopolis and operates in compliance with the Joint Ministerial Decision 44779/2021, Government Gazette 3117/Β/16-7-2021, with all measures to protect the health of exhibitors and visitors.

  1. Admission is allowed to those with a free entry invitation or ticket.
  2. The open spaces where the festival is held are 10,000 sq.m. This allows at least 2,000 visitors to be present at the same time
  3. One-way entry and exit of visitors and exhibitors at the entrance and the exit of the trade show. They will be able to access the festival exclusively from the entrance at Iakhou street and leave exclusively through the exit at Persephonis street.
  4. Mandatory use of face masks for all visitors, exhibitors, and their staff during the festival.
  5. Inside exhibitor stands, physical distancing regulations (1,5 meters apart) implemented in retailers, as well as regulations regarding the space between tables implemented in foodservice, will apply.
  6. Social distancing at least 1,5 meters apart.
  7. Controlled entry with maximum number of visitors.
  8. 35 hand sanitizers dispensers at the festival and hand antiseptic in each exhibitor booth.
  9. Daily disinfection of all surfaces on common areas (benches, knobs, cash registers, tables, toilets, etc.).
  10. Presence of a doctor.
  11. Fully vaccinated and trained staff for the safety and convenience of exhibitors and visitors.
  12. The entrance to the closed spaces where the seminars and the other events take place is exclusively permitted with a Green Pass* (vaccination or recovery).
  13. Posters, banners & roll-ups with health & safety messages.
  14. Regular daily announcements regarding the hygiene and safety measures.


*GreenPass is considered either the National SARS-COV-2 Vaccination/Recovery Record Certificate or the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

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