Exhibitors expressed their absolute satisfaction with their participation in the 2nd Athens Coffee Festival, while international visitors and foreign journalists, who had the opportunity to attend the festival gave particularly flattering feedback, focusing on the high level of the organization and the enormous appeal of the festival to the Athenian public. Finally, Greek baristas who have been distinguished in world coffee competitions highlighted the important role that the festival can play in both the promotion and the propagation of coffee culture.


“The Athens Coffee Festival is one of the world’s leading coffee festivals. The most important Greek roasters and most dynamic coffee market companies participated, while the turnout was massive.”
Manthos Archontakis,  Owner | ARCHONTAKIS COFFEE

“The overall outcome of our participation was extremely positive. Turnout was huge, both at exhibitor stands and in the seminars and presentations, while the addition of the cupping areas proved to be a very good idea.”
Eleonora Giannakidou, Marketing Department | TAF COFFEE

The event itself was an excellent idea: a celebration of coffee in a country that loves coffee and, furthermore, held in a magical place such as Technopolis. In terms of the organization, the Athens Coffee Festival is up to par with the high level of quality we have been accustomed to with FORUM SA.

Iakovos DrakoulisOwner - DRACULI COFFEE

We are very pleased with our participation at the Athens Coffee Festival, because it is an opportunity to meet a very wide audience and introduce it to specialty coffee.


“The festival welcomed a multitude of visitors, who were keen to find out the latest developments on coffee. It was our first participation in the Athens Coffee Festival and we are very happy with the results.”
Chris Kavrakos, Head Roaster & Owner | MIND THE CUP COFFEE ROASTERS

“We are very happy about our participation in the 2nd Athens Coffee Festival, which included amazing Greek roasters, unique coffees and a multitude of coffee professionals and coffee enthusiasts.”
Nikos Kanakaris,  Head Barista Trainer | COFFEE REPUBLIC

“We were very pleased to participate in the Athens Coffee Festival for the second consecutive year. This is an amazing event addressed to all coffee lovers!”
Antonis Kargiotis, George Bournelis, Owners | SAPID COFFEE ROASTING CO.

“This year’s festival had almost twice the number of visitors compared to the previous year. As an event, it fits much better with the coffee world. Everywhere you saw happy faces, happy people who enjoyed the experience of visiting the festival.”
Giannis Kariofillis, R&D Manager | DIMELLO CAFFE

“The Athens Coffee Festival proved to be an event that brought consumers and coffee professionals very close. I am certain that every year the festival will keep getting better and better.”
Andreas Karotsieris, Owner | REDD ARTISAN COFFEE ROASTERS

We are very pleased with our presence at the Athens Coffee Festival, indeed as a Grand Sponsor. The atmosphere was electric and the venue was excellent. Visitor turnout was massive and everyone had the opportunity to taste excellent coffees and rare varieties.

Dimitris LikoudisBrand Manager - BARISTA'S GOLD

Already from its second iteration, the Athens Coffee Festival has managed to establish itself internationally. As for the visitors turnout and the organization, it was impeccable and exactly what us Greeks needed, in order to celebrate what we love: coffee.

Anestis NedopoulosSenior Brand Manager - NESTLE PROFESSIONAL

“This year, festival attendance was much greater compared to the first year, while visitors were much more up-to-date in terms of their coffee knowledge.”
Zafiris Mavros, Owner | NOSSA SPECIALITY

“This was our first participation in the Athens Coffee Festival and we were very satisfied on all levels. We are certain that everyone was satisfied with their visit to such a beautiful place and such a well-organized event.
Dionysios Moustis, Head Barista Trainer | LAVAZZA

“Participation in the festival was massive and we had the opportunity to get in touch with many professionals and consumers, but also to meet up with many friends. The atmosphere was lovely and extremely fitting for a coffee celebration.”
Freddy Pastras-Mayer, Head Roaster & Production manager | AREA 51 COFFEE ROASTERS

“This year’s Athens Coffee Festival was very successful. As an institution it is already paying dividends.”
Panagiotis Spyropoulos, Owner | CAFFE DEL DOGE

“This year’s Athens Coffee Festival was highly successful, with a much higher turnout than last year and its structure and organization highly improved. The results for our company were impressive.”

This year’s festival was much better organized, and the companies themselves were clearly more prepared. Exhibitor stands responded to the style of the festival, while consumers who attended showed great interest in learning more about coffee. In the Athens Coffee Festival, we clearly witnessed the market trend for more knowledge and better quality of coffee and equipment.

Emma TzanetouleaMarketing Manager Coffee & Beverages - W.S. Karoulias S.A.

The Athens Coffee Festival has highlighted the multifaceted dimension of coffee through targeted special events and a fresh exhibition logic that has given the people of our Group the opportunity to share all the actions we are developing for our brands, with great joy, and in a wonderful atmosphere.

Niovi KallergiMarketing & Communications' Director - KAFEA EMPORIKI TECHNIKI S.A - ATTICA TERRA FOOD & DRINKS S.A.

“This year’s Athens Coffee Festival was much better organized than the previous event, much more people attended and all the events were amazing.”
Eva Tzelani, Marketing Director | MARSALI ESPRESSO

“The Athens Coffee Festival is now an institution for the coffee market. It has proven that it significantly helps consumers come into contact with businesses and professionals learn about all the secrets and new trends surrounding coffee.”
Christos Trypos, Owner | ROSSETTI CAFFE

“This year’s Athens Coffee Festival was a true celebration of coffee. The Festival was impeccably organized and visitor turnout was excellent.”
Panagiotis Haskos, Owner | LUIGI CAFE

“The Athens Coffee Festival welcomed many visitors and we had the opportunity to offer our coffees to a very large audience.”


On behalf of SCA, we are very happy that such a successful festival is organized in Greece. Especially for me, being Greek, this brings me great joy and pleasure. It really is a commendable effort from both SCA Greece and FORUM SA.

Yannis ApostolopoulosDeputy CEO - SCA

The Athens Coffee Festival was a very nice event that was held in the center of Athens and thus gave everyone the opportunity to attend. It was a much greater success than last year, and was attended by a great number of consumers and young baristas.

Michalis DimitrakopoulosWorld Champion - COFFEE IN GOOD SPIRITS 2016

The festival was amazing! Visitors were given the opportunity to try a great variety of coffees and learn more about coffee in general.

Stefanos DomatiotisWorld Brewing Champion - BREW CUP 2014

“The 2nd Athens Coffee Festival was even bigger than last year and offered even more experiences to visitors. We had the opportunity to try rare, extremely interesting coffees. Indeed, it was a great celebration of coffee.”.
Michalis Karagiannis,  2nd World Champion | LATTE ART 2017

“The Athens Coffee Festival was a great opportunity for the average consumer to experience some special coffees and witness the great work being done by the coffee sector in Greece.”
Konstantinos Komninakis, World Champion | IBRIK 2016

“The festival was a great celebration for all of us who work in the coffee industry or simply love coffee. It was an opportunity to try out many coffees, to meet with new people and find out about new companies.”
Christina Koubouni,  World Champion | IBRIK 2009

“The experience of the Athens Coffee Festival was magical! A great number of professionals and consumers, interested in coffee, visited the festival and had an opportunity to learn about all the latest trends.”
George Koustoubardis, World Champion | COFFEE IN GOOD SPIRITS 2015

We are happy because this year, we managed to organize a festival that was much better than last year’s, with a lot more people and a great atmosphere. We achieved our goal to bring as many consumers as possible closer to the coffee industry and to be able to introduce them to the secrets of this amazing product.

Konstantinos KonstantinopoulosNational Coordinator - SCA GREECE

“Turnout to the 2nd Athens Coffee Festival was so big that, in the future, Technopolis-Gazi will not be big enough for us. The momentum was amazing and the festival proved to be an ideal opportunity for coffee businesses to meet with consumers.
Stavros Lambrinidis, World Champion | IBRIK 2014

“Finally, there is a coffee festival in Greece with a multitude of options and very high standards.”
Christos Loukakis, World Champion | LATTE ART 2011

“The Athens Coffee Festival was a unique opportunity for consumers to come into contact with the culture of specialty coffee, to learn about the efforts of Greek coffee professionals, and to taste coffees of unique quality.”
Panagiotis Mantziounis, Panhellenic Champion | COFFEE ROASTING 2017

“People have embraced the Athens Coffee Festival and this was demonstrated by the huge turnout of this year’s event. In terms of the organization, there was significant progress, while the level of exhibitors was even higher.”
Elena Charalambous, National Coordinator | SCA CYPRUS


The Athens Coffee Festival was very well organized and truly open to all. I have visited many festivals around the world and what I liked in Athens was that it managed to equally appeal to coffee professionals and consumers.

Connie BlumhardtPublisher - ROAST MAGAZINE | USA

I was impressed by the festival’s size and organization, but mainly from the interest and the sensitivity all visitors exhibited for the quality of coffee. I would be very happy if something like this happened in Italy. I was a rapporteur for some of the workshops and I was amazed at the know-how and the high-level of training of Greek professionals.

Francesco CammunciEspresso Specialist - LA MARZOCCO | Italy

“Visiting the Athens Coffee Festival was a truly unique experience, which allowed me to see the Greek market under a completely different perspective. Honestly, I did not expect the level to be this high. The atmosphere was wonderful and all exhibitors presented very high-quality coffees.”
Edgard Bressani,  Coffeeologist, Executive Director | CAPRICORNIO COFFEES – Brazil

“The evolution of the Greek coffee market in recent years is impressive and the Athens Coffee Festival managed to pinpoint it with great accuracy. There are now so many great roasters and baristas in Greece, and festival visitors had the opportunity to meet them up close and try out great coffees.”
Vivian Constantinopoulos, Journalist, Editor | REAKTION BOOKS

“I have visited many festivals in different countries, but the one in Athens was the largest and most vibrant of all. A great number of companies participated, and a great number of people attended. I think that every year it will continue to grow even more.”
Alexandros Delithanassis, Owner | SAN MARCO CAFFE – Trieste, Italy

“Greece is one of the most important markets and we are glad we were given the opportunity to meet with coffee professionals and consumers at such a well-organized festival, and in such an impressive location. I truly experienced the famous Greek hospitality.”
Daniel Hofstetter, Head of Education | HEMRO GROUP – Switzerland

I was very happy that I was given the opportunity to visit the Athens Coffee Festival for the first time. I loved the joyous atmosphere and the mood, which was unlike similar festivals abroad where everything is much more guided. Of course, the festival also highlights the real nature of the Greek coffee market, where all professionals are very serious and deeply involved in the product.

Eleana GeorgaliCoffee producer, owner - MOPLACO TRADING | Ethiopia

This was my first visit to the Athens Coffee Festival, which was impressive. Compared to any other festival around the world, the quality in Athens was much higher, equivalent to the quality of the Greek coffee market.

Matteo GiovannangeliArea Manager Middle East - NUOVA SIMONELLI | Italy

“The Athens Coffee Festival was impressive. The organization was impeccable and it truly was one of the best festivals I’ve ever visited. Compared to similar events in Europe and the US, the Athens festival was much more welcoming and the mood much more festive.”
Karolina Kumstova,  Senior Editor | EUROPEAN COFFEE TRIP – Germany

“I was very impressed by the Athens Coffee Festival, which I visited for the first time. I can safely say that it has nothing to envy from its international counterparts.”
Ioannis Lazos, Coffee Roaster | BLACK CAT CAFFE – Norway

“It was a wonderful festival and I was really impressed by the number of exhibitors, the quality of the coffees I tried, the high level of the organization, the massive visitor turnout and the very welcoming atmosphere.”
Jackie Malone, Senior Community Manager | SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION – Ireland

“The festival was amazing. The crowd was great and everybody was walking around, trying coffees and smiling. Unlike other festivals that are held indoors and end up being a little boring, the Athens Coffee Festival was very vibrant and interactive.”
Rachel Sandstrom Morrison, Digital Editor | FRESH CUP MAGAZINE – USA

This was my first visit to Greece and I was really impressed by the organizational level of the Athens Coffee Festival, the beautiful location and the massive turnout of visitors who truly love coffee. The festival reflects the standards of the Greek coffee market, which are the highest in Europe. It is remarkable how well Greeks have incorporated the espresso tradition into their culture and adapted it to new international trends.

Marino PetraccoSenior Research Scientist - ILLYCAFFE

The festival was wonderful, very lively and full of energy. The atmosphere was very different, much warmer than any other festival I have visited and, generally, everybody seemed to be having a great time. There was a big number of exhibitors and all the coffees I tasted were of very high quality.

Emma SageCoffee Science Manager - SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION | USA

The Athens Coffee Festival was fantastic and I honestly did not expect to find such an important event in Greece, which puts so much emphasis on the quality of coffee. Both the participation of companies and the attendance of visitors were highly impressive.

Franscesco ViarizzoOut of Italy Training Center Manager - LAVAZZA