The 2nd Athens Coffee Festival 2017 proved a resounding success!

More than 40,000 professionals and amateur coffee lovers have swarmed Technopolis-Gazi in Athens, during the three days of the 2nd Athens Coffee Festival—the great celebration of coffee that takes place every year in Greece!

While the very first festival was a surprise for Greek exhibitions, Athens Coffee Festival 2017 proved its dynamic and managed become the subject of important discussion on a national as well as international level!

The festival, which was organized under the auspices of SCA Greece, gathered more than 40,000 professionals and coffee lovers who visited Technopolis in Athens between September 30 and October 2, 2017 in order to attend the greatest celebration of coffee culture.

Coffee products, new trends and techniques, varieties from every corner of the world, renowned baristas, talented roasters, buyers and coffee experts from Greece and abroad, trainers and seminar rapporteurs comprised the three-day event, providing professionals and coffee aficionados with know-how, ideas and answers.

During the 12-hour operation of the festival, the magnificent area of the old gas factory was flooded with people, while a record number of visitors was recorded during the weekend. The analysis of all of the data available showed that 55% of festival visitors were consumers, while 45% coffee professionals.

The majority of renowned baristas, talented roasters, buyers and coffee experts from Greece and abroad, were present at Athens Coffee Festival 2017

The Athens Coffee Festival 2017 at a glance!

Major participation at the seminars & workshops!

The numbers speak volumes about the festival’s success: more than 7,800 professionals and coffee aficionados attended the 80 hours of training seminars, demonstrations and coffee cupping in the special events program of the Athens Coffee Festival 2017. The specially-designed areas—Chatroom, Lab and Cupping Area—where the festival events took place were constantly full of professionals as well as coffee lovers alike. The cupping session, which lasted for 26 hours and was open to consumers, was particularly engaging.

Seminar and presentation rapporteurs, including established scientists, coffee experts, well-informed roasters, barista trainers and coffee specialists, offered rich knowledge and precious advice to all attendees. In fact, all international speakers expressed their enthusiasm over the massive participation as well as the high standard of visitors, which reflects the high level of expertise of Greek baristas and the growing interest among consumers in good coffee, proving that Greece is a coffee-oriented country that creates trends in the field.

Exhibitors expressed their complete satisfaction!

The strong turnout and the keen interest—from both professionals and home baristas—in the products and the companies taking place at the 2nd Athens Coffee Festival, left exhibitors enthusiastic. The overhaul of the exteriors made it possible for visitors to wander around the festival grounds unobstructed. Featuring all the major espresso houses as well as most specialty coffee roasters, the festival succeeded in attracting a wide range of visitors.

Exhibitor stands offered coffee and beverages on a daily and 12-hour basis, giving professionals as well as the general public the chance to taste and get to know rare coffee varieties from 63 coffee producing countries.

“The great success of this year’s festival allows us to work even harder to give it a strong international flavor and make it a reference point for the international coffee community. We are therefore renewing our appointment for the fall of 2018”, stated Mr Nikos Choudalakis, President and CEO of Forum SA, the festival’s organizing company.

1st Panhellenic Roasting Championship

For the first time ever in Greece, SCA Greece organized the 1st Panhellenic Roasting Championship as part of the Athens Coffee Festival 2017. The organization enabled eight Greek roasters to showcase their knowledge and skill on coffee roasting. Contestants were assessed for their ability to apprise the qualities of green coffee as well as the roasting profile they have selected in order to highlight the unique characteristics of each variety. 37year old Panagiotis Matziounis from Serres in northern Greece won first place, second came Thanassis Nikolis, head roaster for Kudu Coffee Roasters, while third place was awarded to Giorgos Spithakis, head roaster and co-owner of Crop Roastery Brewery in Heraklion, Crete.

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