Why is a coffee festival necessary in Athens?

There is an imperative need, created by the market itself, for the organization and hosting of the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL, at a time period when the coffee catering industry is rapidly growing, while the potential audience of home baristas and coffee lovers is constantly widening.

From 1990 to date, the total consumption of coffee in Greece has more than quadrupled in terms of volume and value. Since then, a dynamic purchasing public has been established that invests in the enjoyment of espresso coffee and the complexity of brewing.

Coffee: a global commodity!

Coffee is the leading beverage in consumption across the Western world after water, among all—alcoholic and non-alcoholic—beverages! Over the last five years, global coffee consumption has increased by 2.3%, reaching 9 million tons! Greece is the 15th leading country in per capita consumption of coffee, at 5.5 kilos per year! Beyond the quantitative growth, the domestic market has demonstrated a significant increase in the quality of coffee reaching the end consumer.

The bloom of Speciality Coffee

The term “Speciality Coffee” refers to fine quality coffee made from carefully selected coffee beans which have been grown in ideal climatic and agricultural conditions. Thanks to its unique organoleptic characteristics, the speciality category coffee has earned the preference of the most demanding segment of consumers. ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL will host all Greek roasters who have invested in the value of speciality coffee!