The main stage was filled with vitality and verve

Competitions with generous prizes, famous radio producers and an arousing live performance. The main stage of the Athens Coffee Festival was the meeting point of the festival.

Melodies and positive energy “flooded” the main stage that was set up at the open space of Technopolis City of Athens. Throughout the three days of the event, a large number of people had the opportunity to enjoy their coffee in the comfortable poufs that surrounded the stage, listening to good music while also having the opportunity to leave with generous gifts from the festival’s exhibitors.

Presenter Dimosthenis Loukisas speaking with the visitors

Eva Boudouri

In the role of the presenter was Dimosthenis Loukisas who kept people upbeat and every now and then tested their knowledge on coffee, with mini trivia quizzes. Those who were “well-read” won gifts such as frappe-coffee makers, coffee mug sets, eco glasses, coffees and many more prizes.

Daily, from 12 to 2 pm well-known producers broadcasted live from the festival’s main stage. The start was on Saturday with Eleni Manousaki (HIT 88.9), it went on to Sunday with Petros Koumplis (EN LEFKO 87.7) and on Monday Spyros Pagiatakis (EN LEFKO 87.7) took over. The dj sets also had great vibe with famous radio show hosts. More specifically, through the decks passed, Dimitris Vrachnos (MELODIA 99.2), Afroditi Simiti, Eva Boudouri, Manolis Oikonomou (EN LEFKO 87.7), Mary Margeli (HIT 88.9) and Giorgos Apostolou (RED 96.3) .

Left: Spyros Pagiatakis, Right: Presenter Demosthenis Loukisas as he hands a gift to a winner from the stage’s crowd

Those present on Saturday night experienced unique moments, when the main stage… was “handed over” to Alcatrash. The young band, which stands out for its great remixes from Greek hits from the 90’s and 00’s, thrilled the audience with its live performance. Within one and a half hour it “played” the most uplifting songs the pop music of Greece, during the past decades, had to offer.

Alcatrash live on stage

Petros Koublis

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