Seminars & competitions at the heart of ACF 2020

This year’s special events will be adapted to the “new normal” for the post-COVID era both in terms of content and their realization, while competitions are also expected to take place as usual.

The new global landscape created by the coronavirus pandemic is unquestionably influencing festivals as well. Not wishing to lose its informative character, the 5th Athens Coffee Festival will include a series of speeches that will focus on the new era, which will be carried out in strict compliance to the provisions of the health safety protocol. In addition, during the course of this year’s ACF, the 4th Roasting Championship will be held by SCA Greece.

Namely, leading professionals from Greece and the rest of the world, during the seminars that will be hosted at the Auditorium “Miltiadis Evert”, will analyze the main issues concerning the new era for the coffee industry. Also,topics on covid safety and protection for both customers and employees are expected to be presented. Practical aspects, ideas and innovations that will help make the new measures more easily applicable by limiting the effects of COVID-19, will also be on the agenda.

In addition to the physical presence of speakers, international speakers will be able to deliver their content through live webinars. This way, by combining live seminars with webinars, a wider range of subjects –from all the latest trends and developments to novel ideas and their implementation to training on coffee varieties– will also be covered. As a result, more people will be introduced to the culture of good coffee.

Regarding the competitions, during the course of ACF 2020 the 4th Panhellenic Roasting Championship will be held, with contestants from all across Greece attempting to make a name for themselves in the demanding field of coffee roasting, from the initial stages of raw coffee processing to the roasting of the beans. The winner will represent Greece at the World Coffee Roasting Championship.

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