Educational happenings took place during the festival

Athens Coffee Festival’s special events aimed to educate and inform about the latest trends while Greek Coffee Roasting Championship 2021 took place.

ACF 2021 included a series of speeches that focused on the new era of the coffee market and the coffee industry. During the seminars, leading professionals from Greece and the rest of the world analyzed the main issues concerning the new era for the coffee industry. Also, topics on covid safety and protection for both customers and employees were presented. Practical aspects, ideas and innovations were presented by industry’s experts and renowned professionals of the coffee market.

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Athens Coffee Festival Roasting Championship
Athens Coffee Festival 2021

The visitors took home a lot of useful prizes

During all three days of the festival, on the main stage of Technopolis, presenter Demosthenes Loukisas informed the visitors, with interesting facts about the coffee and twice a day they had the opportunity to win rich prizes, answering coffee quizzes.

Specifically, throughout the day, visitors who enjoyed the countless varieties of coffee of the festival, took part in competitions answering a series of questions about coffee, its history, varieties and special stories about it. More than 150 prizes from exhibitors were drawn in all three days of the festival. Fine varieties of coffee, organic espresso capsules, varieties of Greek coffee, healthy snacks, coffee equipment and natural soft drinks were among the rich prizes won at the Athens Coffee Festival daily.

All eyes on the long-awaited Roasting Competition

During the 5th Athens Coffee Festival, the Greek Roasting Championship returned, under the auspices of SCA Greece. Talented and ambitious baristas competed for the first place, which gave the ticket for the respective international competition.
Winners of the 4th Greek Roasting Championship were announced: Nerantzis Alexandros (1st place), Ferras Alexandros (2nd place), Angelopoulos Athanasios (3rd place).
The roasting Championship took place in room D10 of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens and entry was allowed only with the presentation of the vaccination or disease certificate.

Athens Coffee Festival Roasting Competition
Athens Coffee Festival 2021 - Roasting Competition

Left: The winners: Ferras Alexandros (2nd place), Nerantzis Alexandros (1st place), Aggelopoulos Athanasios (3rd place). Right: The 6 contestants of the Panhellenic Roasting Campionship

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