The masterclasses that will take place during the three days of the festival will be the focal meeting point for coffee professionals and coffee aficionados.

Greek and foreign leading professionals and specialized scientists will be there to present all the new trends dominating the contemporary international coffee scene, ideas that contribute to its further development, and anything else that will interest the international market over the upcoming period. The program of Coffee Masterclasses has been scheduled so as to cover a significant number of hours with live presentations and demonstrations addressed to both professionals and coffee lovers. There will be a wide range of topics, from the future of coffee production, the history and culture of coffee, the aromatic potential and delicious profile of raw and roasted grains to the Italian espresso tradition and the challenge of specialty coffee etc. Masterclasses will take place at Innovathens conference hall at Technopolis, City of Athens.

Workshops addressed to coffee professional

Once again, the Athens Coffee Festival will host a plethora of seminars and special presentations about coffee. With a view of engaging the public that wants to find out more about their favorite beverage and its secrets, this year, Coffee Masterclasses at Innovathens will hold seminars from experts in the field, who will provide answers to all questions concerning coffee from its “birth” on the tree, to the final beverage in the cup. Specialist baristas, roasters and industry leaders will present in a detailed and explicit manner everything there is to know about coffee production and its origins, roasting and the different types of coffee, the Italian tradition in espresso, as well as all the latest developments in the field of specialty coffee.

Interesting seminars for the coffee aficionados

All the latest trends and innovations prevailing in Greece and the world will be presented during the Coffee Masterclasses. Leading personalities from the coffee market, AST trainers and distinguished professionals will discuss the current developments and trends through interactive presentations and demonstrations specifically made for the industry’s professionals and the well-informed home baristas. All the pressing issues regarding roasting, brewing, and the challenges that the modern baristas face will be addressed in special demonstrations and workshops, raising the bar even higher!