Athens Coffee Festival 2022

A festival of high commercial value for the exhibitors

The Athens Coffee Festival once again proved its enormous commercial potential as well as its effectiveness in promoting coffee culture in our country, according to the exhibitors’ satisfaction survey. 

 Athens Coffee Festival is one of the leading and most influential festivals in the coffee market and its people in our country, while it has managed to introduce thousands of consumers to the culture of quality coffee. This dynamic was also confirmed through the results of the electronic survey, carried out to the festival’s exhibitors by the organizing company from 28/9 to 4/10 through the Typeform platform. According to the survey, in which the decision makers of the companies (owners, general managers and commercial managers) participated, 88,9% of the exhibitors stated that they were satisfied with the overall organization of the festival and the commercial result of their participation. Also, 77,8% of the survey participants were satisfied with the ratio of visitors (professionals/consumers) of the festival. Specifically, 60% were professionals (onwers, general managers, baristas) and 40% consumers.

Could you please tell us what is your current position in the company?

Are you satisfied with the ratio of professionals to consumers who visited the festival?

From its very first event, the festival emerged as an important meeting between major supply and trading companies with thousands of executives of the coffee industry, during which meetings are held and deals are concluded with a significant financial result for the exhibitors. This was also seen through the survey, in which 55,6% of exhibitors answered that they closed deals during the festival, while 86% expect to close commercial agreements with the professionals with whom they made appointments. 

Could you please tell us how satisfied are you with your participation at the festival?

Did you make commercial deals with industry professionals during the festival?

Are you expecting to close business deals with professionals in the coming months?

How likely are you to participate in the Athens Coffee Festival 2023?

At the same time, an impressive 100% answered that they consider that the parallel events (Panhellenic Coffee Championships, Live concerts, Masterclasses) give additional prestige to the festival and increase the festival’s attendance, while finally 96,3% of the exhibitors stated that they are likely to participate also on 2023. 

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