The biggest coffee party in town continues

The biggest coffee party in town continues

The Athens Coffee Festival with its rich educational program and the wide variety of coffees and equipment presented by 100 exhibitors, became the city’s ultimate meeting point for people in the coffee industry for a 2nd day in a row.

With a wide variety of coffees and equipment available to the 100 exhibitors, happenings with coffee as the central protagonist, contests with wonderful gifts, great music, the biggest coffee celebration in town became for the 2nd day the absolute meeting point for the coffee industry and also for coffee aficionados. The presence of world champions, coffee experts, executives of top coffee companies, roasters and micro-roasters and cupping experts turned the festival into the ultimate meeting place for coffee lovers as well as coffee professionals, offering the opportunity to exchange opinions, ideas, product experiences, all around coffee.

Interesting speeches and live concerts electrified the audience

Festival visitors had once again the opportunity to attend the Coffee Masterclasses (see more) and watch SCA Greece’s Official Panhellenic Roasting and Coffee in Good spirits Championships (see more).

The band “The Wedding Singers” wowed the audience as did the popular radio producer and DJ of Hit 88.9, Katerina Psimopoulou with her musical selections on the main stage of Technopolis. Many of the visitors who enjoyed their coffee at the festival, managed to leave with their hands full since their coffee knowledge helped them to correctly answer the relevant questions of the presenter and win the coffee gifts offered by the exhibitors!

As the countdown for the end of this year’s festival begins, the report so far only shows optimistic messages about the achievement of a new turnout record. And that’s not all, the best is to come on Monday!

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