7,500 decision makers of the coffee industry met at ACF

New professional “acquaintances” and important deals dominated the 5th Athens Coffee Festival, between the exhibitors and the coffee industry’s professionals.

The 5th Athens Coffee Festival was completed with great commercial success, being for another year, the top meeting point for coffee professionals. The largest coffee festival in the country, brought together 80 exhibitors with 16,500 thousand visitors, 7,500 of whom are decision makers of the coffee industry (owners, business executives and baristas) giving the opportunity to achieve quality and profitable collaborations and confirming the commercial impact and dynamic that the festival has on the country’s coffee industry.

From large supply and production coffee companies to equipment companies and beverages suppliers (tea, energy drinks, etc.) to specialized e-shops, all internationally renowned brands and Greek companies gave a dynamic “present”. During the Athens Coffee Festival, professionals had the opportunity to talk safely, with the most dynamic Greek coffee experts but also with the representatives of the leading coffee brands, got in touch with talented baristi and coffee specialists and exchange views with coffee industry leaders.

New products, equipment, innovations, and coffee making solutions were presented during the festival. The coffee varieties that visitors had the opportunity to try were many and from every corner of the globe. The coffee professionals discovered up close single origin, single estate, blends, specialty coffees and fine varieties from around the world. The accessories around the coffee and the machines exceeded the need of the companies in the industry.

Athens Coffee Festival 2021

During all three days, coffee professionals were informed about the new products that will make a difference in their business and about equipment that can upgrade the services provides by their coffee shop. In fact, the impressive presence of coffee professionals from all over the country and abroad, the great interest in the products, as well as the number of trade agreements were reflected in the enthusiastic statements of the exhibitors, who have already renewed their participation for September 24-26, 2022!

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