A meeting point for coffee professionals & aficionados


A meeting point for coffee professionals & aficionados

Athens Coffee Festival 2021 will become the ultimate meeting point for the entirety of the coffee sector, as well as for consumers.

The 2020 event may have been postponed due to the rapid and continuous increase of coronavirus cases in our country, but the intention for participation of the most important companies in the coffee industry- in addition to commercial benefits provided by the ACF all these years – show their trust in FORUM SA. Therefore, Athens Coffee Festival 2021, will hold once again its dynamic and will confirm its role as the most influential and important trade show for the coffee market.

From large coffee supply and production companies to equipment firms to beverage suppliers (coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc.) to specialized e-shops, etc., world-renowned brands as well as Greek companies-industry leaders in the country, will once again be present at the festival.
This way, coffee professionals will once again have the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss business ventures, enter into new partnerships, talk to the best Greek roasters as well as representatives of all the leading coffee brands, and share their concerns with talented baristas and coffee specialists. Furthermore, they will be able to closely observe consumer behavior, preferences, requirements or needs, as well as reactions to new products and innovations.

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