Day 2 was dominated by original ideas and innovations

The thousands of visitors who came to Athens City’s Technopolis had the opportunity to enjoy a Sunday unlike any other.

The Athens Coffee Festival with its super rich educational and entertaining program, and the wide variety of coffees and equipment presented by 120 exhibitors, became the city’s ultimate attraction for people in the coffee industry for a 2nd day in a row. At the end of the day, it was confirmed once again that the Athens Coffee Festival is one of the most important trade and social forums in our country for the coffee market and the coffee industry professionals. Flagship coffee houses, distinguished Greek and foreign specialty coffee roasters and the general public made their presence felt without skimping on praises for what they saw and lived in this three-day celebration for coffee.

Numerous exhibitors passed from the offices to express their intention to renew their collaboration for next year’s festival admitting they had achieved the goal of the new deals earlier than they had anticipated. Turnout surpassed all past records, and this was reflected not only in the number of tickets but also in the sharp increase of litres of coffee consumed compared to those consumed the same day last year.

Speeches inspired and radio producers electrified the audience

Festival visitors had once again the opportunity to attend for free the Coffee Masterclasses and see SCA Greece’s Official  Panhellenic Coffee Championships (Latte Art, Cezve/Ibrik, Roasting) live. You can find out and read more about what happened at these special events here and here.

Today too, the central stage was full of music, with the hits selected by the well-known radio producers Sakis Tsitomeneas, Petros Koublis and Manolis Economou, in front of dozens of visitors who chose this particular spot to enjoy their coffee. Many of them even managed to leave with their hands full as their knowledge of coffee helped them to answer the presenter’s quizz correctly and win the rich giveaways offered by the exhibitors! As the countdown for the end of this year’s festival begins, the report so far only shows optimistic messages about the achievement of a new turnout record. And that’s not all, the best is to come on Monday.

Athens Coffee Festival - Day 2: Video Highlights

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