The 4th Athens Coffee Festival sets the bar even higher

The 4th Athens Coffee Festival sets the bar even higher

Café and restaurant professionals and coffee lovers will meet for the 4th consecutive year at the Athens Coffee Festival, which is now established as one of the most important commercial and social events for the culture of quality coffee.

In the last three days of September, the colors of autumn will be combined with the aroma of fresh and well-roasted coffee, turning Gazi into a utopia of aromas and flavors. From Saturday 28/9 until Monday 30/9, the heart of the most commercial product in the world will beat at the City of Athens Technopolis. All the trends, top brands and innovations in the coffee sector will parade from the most central point of the city, accompanied by a rich program of seminars, workshops and other events. And all this, in an exhibition floor covering 6,000 sq.m., which, based on the first indications, is expected to be inundated with 120 exhibitors and 38,000 visitors, professionals and consumers.

The absolute meeting point for the industry’s professionals

With the dynamic that the Athens Coffee Festival has managed to create, it is expected that the upward trend in the turn-out of the coffee professionals will continue, as this is a golden opportunity to make meetings, exchange ideas, discuss business operations and create new collaborations. The dynamic presence of the industry’s major suppliers is another guarantee of success. It’s no exaggeration to say that the festival is now a hot spot for professionals who want to chat with the most dynamic Greek roasters and the representatives of the top brands, share their concerns with talented baristas and coffee specialists and exchange views with great personalities from the international coffee scene.

Parallel events that will stimulate interest

For one more year, an important chapter of the Athens Coffee Festival will be the parallel events, which will be even more targeted. Greek and foreign leading professionals and specialized scientists will be there to present all the new trends dominating the contemporary international coffee scene, ideas that contribute to its further development, and anything else that will interest the international market over the upcoming period. At the same time, the concerns of the global coffee industry will be discussed and analyzed. The program of “Coffee Masterclasses” have been scheduled so as to cover a significant number of hours with live presentations and demonstrations addressed to both professionals and coffee lovers. There will be a wide range of topics, from the future of coffee production, the history and culture of coffee, the aromatic potential and delicious profile of raw and roasted grains to the Italian espresso tradition and the challenge of specialty coffee etc.

Under the auspices of SCA Greece

The Αthens Coffee Festival is held under the auspices of the international organization Specialty Coffee Association and its Greek chapter, SCA Greece.

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