Feverish preparations for the 4th Athens Coffee Festival

Feverish preparations for the 4th Athens Coffee Festival

The 4th Athens Coffee Festival is coming in September, and feverish preparations are being made in order for the Technopolis at the City of Athens to become once again, for three days between 28 and 30 September, the meeting point for coffee professionals and coffee lovers.

The Athens Coffee Festival is now one of the top and most influential festivals in the coffee market and its people in our country, having managed to bring thousands of consumers into the culture of quality coffee. Within a very short period, just 4 years, a dynamic was created, which is reflected both in the impressive volume of visitors that grows each year and in the satisfaction of the exhibitors themselves.

The praise received by important representatives from the leading suppliers of the industry, from distinguished Greek and foreign journalists as well as from representatives of institutional bodies with a global presence and action, confirms its role as one of the most important trade and social forums in our country for the coffee market and the restaurant-cafe professionals. And all this, at a time when the coffee market is constantly growing and more and more innovations start to appear. Within that context, flagship coffee houses, distinguished Greek and foreign specialty coffee roasters and the general public have been setting their annual meeting at the Athens Coffee Festival.

90 leading coffee companies have already finalized their participation

As we are getting closer to the opening date of the festival, the intention of participation at Athens Coffee Festival is constantly increasing. More than 90 Greek and international companies have already finalized their participation, with the final number expected to reach 120 exhibitors. The exhibitors are leading companies that excel in the coffee industry: from large supply and production companies to equipment companies and from suppliers of beverages in general (tea, energy drinks etc) to specialized e-shops and more. The 150 exhibitors will cover an exhibition space of 6,000 square meters, and they will have the opportunity to present their products and services at more than 40,000 expected visitors.

All the industry trends and developments will be present!

As in all other respective European and American events, the festival’s educational, recreational and commercial character will emerge through a rich and carefully designed program of parallel events that will include seminars and technical workshops. Like last year, it is expected to capture the interest of coffee professionals from all over Greece and visitors from abroad. In addition to the restaurant and café professionals, the festival is designed to “embrace” the dynamic consumer audience who are interested in new trends and developments, which will of course be presented in a rich program specifically designed for those who seek to learn more about coffee. After all, coffee is the unofficial national drink of Greeks.

Another year of impressive advertising

As part of the festival’s promotion, the organizing company has set up an advertising budget of € 100,000. The objective, as in the past years, is to provide targeted information to all those working in the industry, as well as to coffee lovers. Radio, free press and sector-specific magazines and, of course, the social media will be the main wheels of the Athens Coffee Festival’s dissemination and promotion mechanism. At the same time, newsletters about the festival will be sent to 35,000 professionals at regular intervals, and SMS messages will be sent to the same professionals in the last week to invite them to visit the festival.

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