This is Athens!

This is Athens!

Never before has a coffee festival managed to develop such a universal character as the Athens Coffee Festival, which is now recognized as one of the world’s leading festivals of its kind.

More than 20,000 lovers of fine coffee decided to celebrate International Coffee Day, celebrated everywhere on the 1 st of October, at the Athens Coffee Festival. For twelve hours, all outdoor areas of Technopolis-Gazi were flooded with visitors, while a several-meter- long queue was formed in front of the festival’s main entrance. Exhibitor stands never stopped offering hot and cold beverages, giving coffee professionals, home baristas and the general public the opportunity to try rare coffee varieties from 63 coffee-producing countries.

The halls hosting the Festival’s seminars, presentations and delicious coffee tastings were constantly filled with an enthusiastic audience of professionals and coffee aficionados. International speakers were very impressed with the massive turnout, but also with the high level of coffee experience exhibited by visitors.

An international-caliber festival in the heart of Athens

Recognizing the high organizational level of the Athens Coffee Festival, the wide spectrum and vast thematic diversity of the special events, the prestige of participating speakers, the huge variety and unparalleled quality of the exhibits and, of course, the massive visitor turnout, the numerous visitors from Europe, USA, South America and the Middle East who visited Technopolis have already ranked the Athens Coffee Festival among the top three of its kind in the world.

Indeed, it was the first time ever that a coffee festival managed to develop such a universal character, confirming that fine coffee is an affordable luxury for all consumers, without exception. According to the first available data, between the 30 th of September and the 1 st of October, the Athens Coffee Festival welcomed more than 35,000 visitors!

Even on the third day of the Festival, Monday October 2, the massive turnout continues unabated. The rich program of presentations, seminars and delicious coffee tastings will be completed at 20.00 in the evening. That is also the starting time of George Zervos’ live music concert, which will close the curtain for the 2 nd Athens Coffee Festival.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this large celebration of coffee and its surrounding culture up close. Visit the Athens Coffee Festival, and find out how much magic is hidden inside a cup of coffee.

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