Oh, what crowds! What passion!

Oh, what crowds! What passion!

Thousands of professionals and coffee enthusiasts flooded the premises of Technopolis-Gazi on September 30, at the premiere of this year’s Athens Coffee Festival, the large celebration of coffee and its culture that is growing into the biggest event ever hosted in Gazi, Athens!

Never before was the historic gas factory in Gazi so crowded with visitors, who wanted to experience a unique celebration on coffee and its surrounding culture. On the first day of the Festival, thousands of professionals and coffee aficionados flooded all areas of Technopolis from early in the morning until late at night.

Festival visitors had the opportunity to taste fine coffees from 63 coffee-producing countries (out of 70 coffee-producing countries in total), to chat with Greek roasters and representatives of leading Italian espresso producers, and to taste fine chocolates, tea and other beverages.

Huge participation in the seminars

Participation in the educational and training seminars, presentations and delicious coffee tastings, including the Festival’s special events program, broke all previous records. Renowned scientists and roasters, certified barista trainers and coffee specialists shared their secrets with hundreds of coffee professionals and home baristas. Turnout in the Panhellenic Roasting Championship, organized for the first time by SCA Greece, was also very high.

During the day, Greek radio stations Hit, En Lefko and Red, accompanied the Festival’s visitors with musical selections. The evening closed with Marietta Fafouti, singing live on the main stage of the Athens Coffee Festival.

The exhibitors of the Athens Coffee Festival have prepared many surprises for Technopolis visitors for International Coffee Day, which is on Sunday, October 1 st . Visit Technopolis, experience a great celebration, and find out how much magic is hidden inside a cup of coffee.

The Festival is open from 10:00 in the morning, awaiting visitors with a rich program of events, culminating at 20:00 in the evening, with a live concert by Painted Black and Indra Kane. Visit the Festival and try out all the coffees you want, learn about aromas and flavors you never before imagined, and meet leading figures from the international coffee scene. Enjoy your food in the Street Food Area or simply take a walk in the beautiful Gazi premises.

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