Exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with their participation in the 1st Athens Coffee Festival. At the same time, feedback from international visitors and foreign journalists who had the opportunity to attend the festival was very positive, focusing on the high level of the organization and the huge appeal of the festival to the Athenian public. Lastly, Greek baristas, who have excelled in world coffee competitions, stressed the importance of the festival in both the promotion and the dissemination of the coffee culture.


“For a first-time event, the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was proven very successful. There were many advantages to our participation. As for the disadvantages we encountered, I am positive that the organizing company will have corrected them until next time. The nature of the event was mixed: both exhibition and festival. I believe that next year it will be more of a festival, as it should be. This year, we met with several retail customers—who will be even more next year I am sure—and this alone is reason enough for us to participate in the next festival.”
Panagiotis Nikas,  Development Manager | Coffeexpert

“The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was an excellent event. We loved the idea, because it was addressed to the consumer. It is the first time an event like this is organized in Greece and it is something that was missing from the market. We were very pleased and we’ll definitely take part in the next festival.”
Eva Tselani, Marketing Director | FNB Trade

“Participation in the 1st ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was a challenge for us. We were very satisfied both by the level of the organization, and by our participation. We had the opportunity to present a new product, addressed to the speciality coffee market, and to talk with many professionals and consumers. We believe that there is still much room within the market to discuss new things about coffee and this festival provides a good opportunity for this purpose. That is why we will also participate in the next event.”
Elias Goulas, CEO | Gentracom

The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was proven to be an excellent event, which brought together companies from the entire coffee market spectrum and, at the same time, provided consumers with the opportunity to find out more about the products and services of each company.

Giorgos AlaniadisR & D Manager - Hario Hellas

The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was a very successful event, especially if we consider that it was its first iteration and that it was held in a very beautiful location, with many special features.

Anestis NedopoulosSenior Brand Manager - Nestle Professional

“The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was a great celebration, and it was very good for us to come in contact with a targeted public that knows our product. If the next festival follows a similar logic, I believe we will participate again.”
Ioannis Hatzopoulos, Sales Manager | Kimbo Hellas

“The 1st ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was exceptional and extremely successful from an organizational standpoint. Attendance was very good, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Our company’s participation in the festival was very successful. We offered visitors more than 40 kilos of coffee, which corresponds to thousands of cups. Of particular interest was also the event we hosted, “Luigi in the Sky”, as we gave the opportunity to approximately seven hundred people to enjoy their coffee while suspended in the Attic sky! Of course, we will also participate in the next festival.”
Panagiotis Haskos, CEO | Luigi Caffe

“The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL has just made its first steps, and its evolution remains to be seen. For us, however, participation was very important with regards to the communication and contact with consumers who are generally interested in coffee. I believe the part of B2B communication is better suited for an exhibition and not a festival. Until today, we didn’t know exactly what a festival was, and this first iteration was perhaps a little exploratory. But now, we are all beginning to understand what a festival is, and I believe it is worth participating in the next event.”
Panos Spiropoulos, Owner | Maui Gourmet

“My impressions from the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL are very positive. It is a very good opportunity for us to come into contact with sector professionals and the consumer. Visitors have the opportunity to try many different coffees and to attend seminars and demonstrations around coffee. We had a very nice time and I believe we will take part in the next festival.”
Nikos Psomas, Owner | Mokka Speciality Coffee

Comments on the 1st ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL can only be positive. We are very satisfied, both by visitor turnout and by the feedback we received on our coffee’s quality. We will almost certainly take part in the next festival.

Nikos TriposR & D Manager - Rossetti Caffe

The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was excellent! It was something that was missing from the Greek market and it definitely helped sector businesses in coming into contact with coffee aficionados and with the average consumer. We will definitely participate in the next festival. No businessman should miss it!

Antonis Chaloulakos Owner - Taresso Artisan Coffee Roasters

“Conclusions from our participation in the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL were very satisfactory. It was a specialized coffee exhibition and, therefore, we had the opportunity to sample certain single origin coffees, but also some more special blends. We also had the opportunity to organize our contest, the “Best Barista Vergnano” and we are very happy that it was held in such a beautiful outdoor location. We will most certainly participate in next year’s festival.”

Giorgos Trikas, Owner | TRK Coffee

“The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was proven to be a very good opportunity for us, as a Greek manufacturing company, to promote our equipment to a targeted audience. I believe we will also participate in next year’s festival.”
Nasos Zaras, Owner | Zara Coffee Machines

“The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was a great celebration, which we enjoyed along with all our guests. We will definitely participate in the next festival.”
Giannis Gialousis, Founder | Gialousis LTD

Visitors from Abroad

” The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was a truly special event. It was very different from any other festival I have visited around the world, because it combined the educational aspect—with seminars and presentations—with the commercial aspect and the atmosphere and style of a true celebration. Everything here was like a big party and the people who attended are true coffee lovers. This is a festival where they can enjoy coffee and learn more about it. In Greece there is a magical culture around coffee, especially when we compare it to other parts of the world. Here, the tradition of Greek coffee is combined with the passion for speciality coffee and the desire of baristas to become even better. It is no coincidence that Greece has had more world champions than any other country! You experience this knowledge and this passions when you go out for a coffee in Athens, and it is impressive that you can also experience it at the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL. Tradition and innovation surrounding coffee, coexist in an impeccably well-organized festival.”
Sarah Allen, Journalist, editor of the Barista Magazine | USA

” The first time I ever visited Greece, I was impressed by the size and the organization of HORECA, which was the reason why I attempted to organize something similar in Romania, in the field of coffee competitions. Now, I am once again very impressed by the organization of the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL. Everything was impeccably organized and the festival was a true celebration with a lot of excellent people, exhibiting true interest and having great fun. I really enjoy outdoor stands, which are truly beautiful, employ exceptional baristas, and offer high-quality coffees. It is great to see so many world champions gathered together in one place, along with important personalities from the international coffee market.”
Silvia Maria Constantin, National Coordinator SCA | Romania

” I love the way the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was organized. I believe it managed to express the famous Greek spirit of entrepreneurship and cooperation and to apply this practically to the coffee market. I already knew beforehand, that Greek professionals have a lot to offer to the international coffee scene but, by visiting this festival, I reaffirmed this once more! Greeks are ingenious—as evidenced by the magnificent freddo coffees—they are obsessed with quality—as demonstrated by the huge appeal of speciality coffee—and are respectful of their culture—as shown by the revival of Greek coffee. Coffee is truly a part of Greek DNA, and this is something that was made apparent during the festival, along with the vast expertise of Greek baristas, which is something they can easily export to the rest of the world.”
Graciano Cruz, Coffee farmer in Panama and El Salvador

The Athens Coffee Festival is globally unique in terms of the design, structure and the simultaneous presence of professional and consumier audiences.

Joseph BrodskyCoffee farmer in Ethiopia and Panama - from the USA

The 1st ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL truly was a huge success! The place is beautiful and it was flooded with visitors. The atmosphere was exceptional and there are plenty of exhibitors all around Technopolis, so speciality coffee is prevalent everywhere. The organizing company did a great job!

Alexandru NiculaeWinner of the World Coffee Roasting Championship 2016 from Romania

“I had the opportunity to visit several coffee shops in Athens, and it is very surprising that, everywhere, I witnessed the same passion for speciality coffee as I did at the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL. It is beautiful to witness—at the same place—many different companies trading in all kinds of coffee, and to discern the interest exhibited by the festival’s visitors. Apart from everything else, the festival also demonstrates the progress that has been made in the Greek market of speciality coffee, which continues to evolve very rapidly.”
Annemarie Tiemes,  Education Field Manager SCA | Holland

“I’m very happy, because during my first ever visit in Greece, I had the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful event as the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL. The organization was excellent, the outdoor area amazing and the turnout was great! I was pleasantly surprised with the very high level of professionals and the coffee market. I would say there are many similarities in the way the American and the Greek market have been evolving in the last few years, with plenty of small coffee shops and roaster cafés opening up everywhere, but also with countless home baristas who truly appreciate quality coffee.”
Jerry Whitfield, Founder and President of Sonofresco | ΗΠΑ

“This is my first ever visit to Greece. What impressed me during my visit in many Athenian coffee shops, was the dual role of baristas, who in a sense are also bartenders! In my opinion, this is a combination that must inspire baristas in other countries, because it makes them more complete as professionals. This type of expertise, passion and inspiration of baristas is something I experienced clearly at the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL, along with thousands of consumers who were truly interested in coffee and cocktails. It was impressive that baristas had the time to discuss with each visitor separately, to talk about their coffee and to answer all questions. It was equally impressive that there were so many consumers who wished to find out more about coffee! In no other country have I ever encountered so many professionals and consumers expressing their commitment to speciality coffee and its values. Never before have I ever tried so many single origin blends of such exquisite quality!”
Henry Wilson,  Creator and CEO of the PerfectDailyGrind.com blog | United Kingdom

“The organization of the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL is exemplary. It is an opportunity for sector professionals and coffee aficionados to meet in one place, and it is truly wonderful to meet so many people who appreciate quality coffee. Although the coffee market in Athens and Istanbul is growing at a similar rate, I can safely say that what is impressive in Greece is the passion and dedication of baristas in terms of coffee quality. Our visit to different coffee shops around Athens and to the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL was truly inspiring. In this regard, I very much enjoyed my visit to Athens and my tour around the Festival!”
Asli Yaman, Coffee roaster | Turkey

Greek World Champions

“I believe the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL is a very important move for professionals and consumers who wish to delve deeper in the culture of speciality coffee, or find out what makes a truly great coffee. Together, we can show the world what is truly worth paying for.”
Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, World Champion – Coffee in Good Spirits 2016, barista The Underdog

“It is certain that the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL will play a significant role in the domestic coffee market, since it is the first ever event addressed both to professionals and the wide public. Internationally, the movement of speciality coffee started from consumers and continues to grow thanks to their active participation, therefore it is very important to have in Greece an institution where the public may come in direct contact with the roasters, baristas and companies who serve the values of quality coffee. I generally believe that the festival will provide a significant boost in the overall domestic coffee market.”
Stefanos Domatiotis, World Champion – Brewing 2014, authorised SCAE barista trainer, head barista trainer Taf Coffee

“All of us speciality coffee aficionados have long awaited an event such as the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL. The level of the organization is very high, and I hope this effort continues in the coming years, with an even greater turnout and more exhibitors.”
Nikos Kanakaris, Winner of the “Barista & Farmer 2016” contest, barista trainer στην εταιρεία Coffee Republic

The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL is now an institution. I believe that, in the next few years, it will help promote quality coffee even more. The festival serves the purpose which we all set, which was for quality coffee to reach the end consumer, so that the end consumer may appreciate what they are being served and so that they may learn which companies are pioneers in this field.

Tasos DelichristosWorld Champion - Coffee in Good Spirits 2008 - Owner & coffee roaster at The Underdog

The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL gives us the opportunity to participate, for the first time, in a large celebration, to have a good time, enjoy ourselves and, at the same time, experience high-quality coffees. That is our goal and our vision, and the result vindicates us. Through the festival, we wish to bring the public into contact with fine coffee.

Konstantinos KonstantopoulosNational Coordinator SCA Greece - CEO - Coffee Island

“The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL is a great opportunity for the wide public to try exquisite coffees from around the world and to experience their uniqueness.”
Konstantinos Komninakis, World Champion – Cezve/Ibrik 2016, head barista Just Made 33

“Already from its first ever iteration, the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL managed to prove that it is able to promote the speciality scene in Greece and, at the same time, ensure equal visibility for all coffee grinding shops and coffee trading businesses. The most positive thing is that the festival is addressed both to professionals and to home baristas and gives them the opportunity to get to know coffee and to enjoy fine blends from all over the world.”
Giorgos Koustoumbardis, World Champion – Coffee in Good Spirits 2015, barista The Underdog

“In recent years I have had the opportunity to visit many coffee festivals around the globe. I am very proud because, once more, we proved that we are able to organize a world-class festival in Greece! The ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL is amazing and will be a milestone in the sector’s further development. From now on, if they want to reach our level, they will have to copy us.”
Stavros Lambrinidis, World Champion – Cezve/Ibrik 2014, authorised SCA trainer

“Finally, it’s time to organize a big event such as the ATHENS COFFEE FESTIVAL in Greece, which can offer training to a large number of people and to promote the art of good coffee. This is the most important thing that the festival has achieved.”
Christos Loukakis, World Champion – Latte Art 2011, authorised SCA barista trainer