The Athens Coffee Festival Lab hosted a total of 25 hours of seminars and presentations in the premises of Innovathens. The seminar program was aimed at both professionals and amateur coffee enthusiasts.
During all three days of the festival, renowned scientists, certified barista trainers and experienced roasters from Greece and abroad presented a series of specialized seminars and workshops to the visitors of the Athens Coffee Festival, on proper coffee management practices, roasting and the preparation of beverages (ibrik, espresso, hand brew).

This year, particular emphasis was given to the selection and roasting of green coffee, and to the process of understanding the aromatic and flavour characteristics of coffee. Apart from the classic method of cupping, festival visitors had the opportunity to learn different approaches to coffee tasting, with the assistance of wine specialist Simos Georgopoulos and award-winning bartender Manolis Likiardopoulos.

Renowned rapporteurs at the seminars

A total of 27 rapporteurs (speakers and presenters) from Greece and abroad, shared their knowledge and experience with festival visitors who wanted to learn more about the magic hidden within each grain of coffee!
Rapporteurs included the Q-Grader Fotis Lefas, authorised SCA trainers Ilias Grizalis, Stefanos Domatiotis, Antonis Kargiotis, Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos, Valantis Lambrianidis, Stavros Lambrinidis, Christos Loukakis, Giorgos Spithakis, Nikos Psomas, barista trainers Giannis Arikas, Giorgos Kontorinis, Giorgos Moraitis, Konstantinos Tsekouras, Nikos Filippis, roasters Kostas Exomanidis, Christos Kavrakos, Ioannis Lazos, Konstantinos Perpinias, barista and coffee specialists Francesco Cammunci, Alexandros Georgousis, Konstantinos Iatridis and Michalis Karagiannis.


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